Chapter 7

Emelia POV

I'm so happy the weekend is finally here. We are almost done with the painting of the walls. All that is left is the rooms. Ann and I are already at the apartment. We have been busy from 6am this morning. Yesterday was so fun. I don't know how we have gotten this far since we had about 3 paint wars. Hopefully, we are done by Sunday. Monday the semester starts then we will be really busy.

"What time does lover boy arrive" Ann decided that will be Keegan's new nickname. Why I don't really now. I don't think he is in love with me. It is still early days. I check my watch to see what time it is and I see it's already 8:30.

"Keegan will be here at 9am. And please don't call him that once he is here. He said that he will bring a friend along to help us move the furniture. Maybe one of us should do a breakfast run. Neither of us has had any food this morning."

"Good call I will go and pick up breakfast. I will get something for lunch too. I know the boys will be hungry. We can discuss what's for dinner a bit later."

Ann leaves and I walk towards my room to start packing away my clothes. I'm glad the university administration did not have any problem with us moving. She said that they need more rooms.

Once I finished packing away the clothes, I hear a knock on the door. I see its Keegan and one of the guys that work with us at the restaurant.

"Hey, Em I hope we are not too early. I don't know if you remember Mason."

"Hey, Mason. Come on in you guys. Ann just went for a breakfast run."

"Hey Em. It's nice to see you again" Mason answers with a British accent.

"What do you need us to do?" Keegan asks.

"First we need to finish painting the rooms, and then we can move the furniture."

"Let's get on it. Lead the way."

I take them into the bathroom, so we can finish there first. Mason and Keegan start painting the bathroom while I go to unpack the kitchen. Ann and I decided that if we missed anything we will go buy it in the coming week. I hear the keys in the door and see Ann coming into the kitchen.

"Are they not here?" Ann asked with a confused face.

"They are busy painting the bathroom. I decided to start unpacking here otherwise the bathroom will be packed. Keegan brought his friend Mason. I think you remember Mason he is the one with the British accent. He was with us when we went to a club with all my colleagues."

"Yes, I remember the hottie with a British accent."

I just shake my head and take four plates out of the cupboard. I dish up breakfast.

"Hey, guy's breakfast is served," I yell and a few seconds later Keegan and Mason make their way into the kitchen laughing. Keegan takes a plate and I hand one too Mason. Keegan takes my hand, and we all sit in the kitchen-island.

"I have a confession to make. The reason I brought Mason is that he likes Ann." He whispers into my ear. I look over to Ann and Mason. Mason looks really shy and I have never seen him shy in the short time I have seen him. In our line of work, you cannot be shy.

"To be honest I think Ann likes Mason too. She called him the hottie with the British accent. I think they need to figure things out for themselves. I don't want us to meddle."

"I think you are right."

"So are you done with the bathroom?"

"Yes, we are."

We stand up and Keegan helps me wash and put away the dishes.

"Now that we have food in our stomach, it's time to tackle the bedrooms. Keegan, you can help me in my room and mason you can help Ann in her room. Let's go, guys, we only have the weekend to finish this."

I pull Keegan towards my room and I start painting. Keegan looks at me like I grew a second head.

"What happened to not meddling Emelia?"

"Don't look at me like that I did not meddle! I just gave them the chance to be alone together or do you want to help Ann in her room?"

"You have a point I would much rather be here with you."

We both burst out laughing. We continue painting my room. I haven't had this much fun in a long time. We have been laughing and just talking for such a long time until I hear Ann yelling that it is lunch. Keegan and I walk hand in hand to the kitchen.

"Are you guys dating now? Why haven't I been informed? Em, I'm your best friend. You are supposed to tell me things like that." I look at her confused as hell, and she points to our hands. I pull my hand away from Keegan's.

"We haven't spoken about it yet. I didn't even realize we were holding hands it came naturally."

"Will you be my girlfriend Em?"

"Look Keegan I like you. I really do. It's just too early to start thinking about dating. We don't know each other well enough. I mean we met like a week ago. Let's just see where this goes before we speak about dating."

Have you ever seen a person's heartbreak? Well at that moment I saw Keegan's heartbreak. The light in his eyes just dimmed.

"I guess you're right, but can I ask you again in a couple of months." The hopeful look in his eyes made my heartache.

"Sure Keegan ask me again in a couple of months." The light in his eyes is back.

We finished our lunch and went back to work. Things between me and Keegan are really awkward. I wish we can go back to how they were. I can hear Ann and Mason laughing in her room and I can't help but smile. They will look so cute together.

We have been busy the whole day, and we are finally done. Everything is in their place which means I can sleep late tomorrow. The four of us decided we are going to order pizza and just watch a movie for the rest of the night.

Half an hour later the pizza arrives. We have been arguing about which movie to watch and me and Ann just let the boys pick an action movie since we wouldn't be done with the apartment without them, and they decided they want to watch the new fast and furious movie.

I must have fallen asleep because I feel myself being lifted into the air. I opened my eyes a small bit and see its Keegan carrying me. He places me on the bed and whispers in my ear.

"I really like you Em. I hope you will give me a chance."

He leaves and I'm awake. I don't think I was meant to hear that. I lay awake all night and finally falls asleep thanks to exhaustion.

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