Chapter 8

Emelia POV

Monday morning and the weekend is over. Luckily we can both focus on the start of the semester. I haven't spoken to Keegan since Saturday and maybe that is for the best. I need to get my head wrapped around the fact that it's only been a week, and he already asked me out.

Currently, I'm waiting in the car on Ann. She is going to make us late on the first day. I hate being late. I love learning while Ann would probably party her life away. That's how it's always been. Ann trying to bring me out of my shell and me, trying to get Ann to be more serious.

"Don't tell me you're still thinking about lover boy. You know what you did what's the best for both of you. It is way too early to think of dating if you only know each other for a week. Go on a few more dates and then decide if you want to date."

I start the car and begin the drive towards the university before I answer Ann.

"I guess you are right. I know we have a connection, but we need to know a bit more about each other. I just feel so bad. I saw how heartbroken he was after I told him no. Enough about me how are things going on the Mason front. I can see you like him."

"I'm also getting to know him. We spoke on the phone yesterday. You know I don't want anything serious. I just want to have fun, but he looks like the guy that falls in love too quickly."

"Then you better tell him before he gets emotionally attached. I don't want to see him hurt. He looks like a really nice guy. "

"Let's stop speaking about what-ifs and get our butts to class."

Ann and I say our goodbyes, and we make our way over to class. I have been such a bad friend these last few weeks. I don't even know what Ann decided on studying. Maybe I will ask her later at home.

The whole day was a bust. We didn't do anything in any of the classes. I saw Keegan and Mason around the campus today. Keegan didn't even look in my way. I don't know what his problem is but I'm going to find out at work tonight.

I decided this morning that I will change at work. I won't have the time to go home to change. I check my trunk to see if I remembered to take the bag with my work clothes in. I arrive at work 20 minutes early. I see Keegan slip into the locker room. I stand in the door, so I know he won't be able to run away.

"Halo Keegan." Keegan turns around and I can see that I have startled him.

"Halo Emelia." Keegan looks down in guilt.

"Why are you avoiding me, Keegan? How do expect us to get to know each other if you keep avoiding me? We can move passed this Keegan but only if you want too."

"I want to I really do."

"Good, well since this week is going to be a bit busy let's make plans for this weekend."

"I will plan a date for us this weekend."

"Sounds good. Now I need to get dressed. So excuse me."

I walk towards the bathroom and I still haven't figured out why Keegan was avoiding me. Maybe he was just embarrassed? I really don't know. I am hopeful that we can move past this.

Amber is in the bathroom busy with her makeup.

"Hey, Amber. How are you feeling?"

"I'm good. The few days off did me good. The doctor also said its food poisoning. That sushi place will never see me again. Thank you again for the tips but you didn't have too."

"It's OK Amber. You said you needed the money. And I love to help people. So if you need anything, just shout. I will always be here for you."

I walk into one of the stalls and leave Amber in the mirror. I need to get dressed as fast as I can. My makeup is still looking good considering I was at the campus the whole day.

I quickly place all my bags into my locker and the day starts. I walk out and see my parents seated at one of the tables and my blood runs cold. I walk towards them.

"Mother father, what are you doing here?"

"We came here for a late lunch. We came to the university looking for you but you didn't leave an address there. Is there somewhere we can talk?" My father asks me.

"Just hold on I will just ask my boss if we can use his office. Stay here I will come and get you."

I went in search of uncle Rave. Of all the restaurants in this city, why did they come to this restaurant? I find uncle Rave in the kitchen tasting the chef's new creations.

"Uncle Rave, can I speak to you real quick?"

"Sure, dear."

"My parents are here and I would like to ask you if we can use your office for some privacy?"

"Yes, you may. Take all the time you need."

I went back to my parents and told them to follow me. I really don't need them here. The three of us sit down on the couch in the office.

"So this is where you're working. Could you not find anything better?" I see the disgusted look on my mother's face.

"I don't want to sound mean but first I love working here. And secondly, if you are only here to make me feel like a bad daughter you may leave. I love my life here. I like my friends and I love uncle Rave. He has been more of a father to me than my own father."

"I came here to apologize Emelia. You shouldn't' have heard what we said that day. Your mother and I have decided on a divorce. We wanted you to hear this in person."

"Well good for you. I am hoping that both of you will be happy."

I took one last look at them and left. I really do hope they are happy, that I meant but I'm not going to be sucked in again. I'm done have been since I heard that I was unwanted.

I finish my shift and went home. Uncle Rave did offer me the rest of the night off but I told him it was not necessary. I find Ann in the living room watching TV.

"Well, I had an interesting night." I see the curiosity is Ann's eyes.

"Do tell please. My day was boring as hell."

"First I am sorry I have been a horrible friend to you and what did you decide to study." Ann laughs.

"I decided I'm going to study nursing. You haven't been a horrible friend. You just had a lot on your mind in the last few months. Now, what happened?"

"My parents were in the restaurant this afternoon when I started my shift."

"O my gosh are you OK? What did they want?"

"My mother told me she hated my job. Well not in so many words and my father apologized for the conversation I overheard the day we were leaving. And get this they are getting divorced."

"What else did you expect from your mother? And your Father apologized? It's about time they got a divorce."

We talked for some more time and then went to bed. I just love my new bed. I fell asleep once my head hit the pillow thinking I never want this day over.

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