Isabelle stood on stiff legs beside Mrs. Winters, waiting for her future husband to arrive at the church. As promised, her wedding gown had been ready on time, and she had to admit it was very lovely. The ivory brocade dress with blue ribbon trim fit almost snug around her. Blue bows lined the hem of the gown as well as the straight sleeves held with another bow, cascading in three tiers at her elbows. Never had she worn anything so elegant. Rarely had she seen gowns like this unless worn by royalty.

Her maid had styled her hair a little different, winding the bulk up to perch on top of her head while three thick ringlets hung by her ears. Indeed, she looked like she could be attending court at the royal palace. Instead, she impatiently waited for Lord Lockwood to show up at his own wedding…and hopefully, he wouldn’t b

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