It's nearing the middle October and I've never had such a calm period with my business. I have a feeling that it won't last like this for long, but I'm taking it while I can. Everything in regards with Lily's adoption has been going smoothly. I'm going to announce it to my siblings tonight, seeing as I kept pushing it off.  

"Why are we all in your office?" Vince asks as he lays on the couch. I can see dad roll his eyes but not say anything. Jenna takes a seat in the chairs and her hand instinctively goes to her stomach. She's a few months pregnant now and she has a small baby bump.  

"Oh sorry I'm late!" Ashlynn runs into my office, almost tripping over her own feet. "I got caught up with some cleaning."  

"It's fine," I tell her as she walks over to me. I lean down and kiss her cheek as she grins up at me.  

"Hello? You gonna answer my question, or are we just going to sit here?" Vince speaks up.

"You're an annoying prick, you

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Linda G
just be a female role model, you don't have to be a mother to her.... weird right after he tells her he loves her but clearly not ready for marriage
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Victoria Krechting
yes he told her ?????

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