Gage's POV:  

"Are you sure this is what you want to get Lily? I mean I'm sure she'd appreciate a dinosaur puzzle or something," I say as Ashlynn walks down the pathway of kennels. The dogs are all coming to the fence and sticking their noses through the little holes.  

"Oh I definitely want to get her a dog," she responds. "The only question is which one?"  

I groan as she goes up to a fence full of little puppies. I'd rather have a dog than a puppy. She grins as she squats down, putting her hand against the fence so they can all smell it. After she plays with them for a few minutes she continues walking but she abruptly stops. A large dog is sitting in the corner of his kennel, his head is downcast.  

"Oh goodness he's adorable," Ashlynn sighs as she goes to the fence. She makes some noises with her tongue, which gets the dogs attention. "Hi buddy, come here." The dog hesitated before it came to the fence and quickly

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