"Dad, hurry up! She'll be awake soon!" Lily rushes me as I stack the pancakes on the plate.  

"I'm going," I chuckle at her impatience.  

It's been almost two years since I've adopted Lily. Today is currently Ashlynn's birthday and she's turning twenty-six. We've been dating for two years, but I've really wanted to propose to her for a while. Lily decided to concoct a plan because Lily has a gift for Ashlynn too.  

"Finally, lets go," Lily says as she holds the papers in her hands tightly. I grab the breakfast and we head up to my room. Ashlynn is curled up on the bed with Loki and Thunder. Thunder is another dog, Lily somehow convinced me that Loki needed a friend right before her first Christmas here. But now the damn dogs love to sleep in my room.

"Loki, Thunder," I whisper and the two dogs look over at me. I pat my leg and they both jump off the bed. Good, I didn't want them begging Ashlynn for her food.  

"Thank god she's s

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