"Morning angel." Gage mutters against my cheek before he placed a soft kiss against it.  

"Morning." I reply with a smile. "It's your turn to give Addie a bath."  

"I think it's your turn." Gage replies as he buries his face into his pillow.  

"Gage, get your ass out of bed. We have places to be." I say and push the blankets off of me. Lily's dance competition is today, and since it's Sunday it's starting at ten. We have to be there earlier to make sure Lily is ready for when she needs to go on stage.  

"I'll be getting Lily and Roland ready." I tell him. "If you're not out of bed by the time I'm done showering, I'm literally going to kick your ass."  

"Yeah, yeah." he mumbles and I just roll my eyes before I go to the bathroom.

I set the water to the temperature I want it to be at before I get in. I turn my back towards the shower head and close my eyes as the water hits my body. After a moment I open my eyes

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I loooved it! Thankyou author
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Lex88 Salvator
loved the story would love to have known what was behind felicity threat towards ash when she said not to give gage a VIP dance as he doesnt like to be touched she did give a smurk while walking away after she told her as if she had an alternative motive behind it.
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Great Job!! ...
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