Gage's POV: 

Bad news always follows good news in this family. My brother gets a heart transplant, which will surely improve his health, but I go to the base to discover that my men grabbed the wrong fucking girl! They had pictures and literally every piece of information they could ever need to know about her. Yet they grab a different girl. I don't care how alike they look, my men should be better than this.  

I storm towards my office, ignoring the looks my men are giving me as I exit the basement. The women who work for me have always been smarter. They know that if they look at me and I make eye contact with them, it will most likely not end well. My men on the other hand, they've always been too curious for their own good.  

I pass through the living room and stop. "Henry, Drake, move the girl to cell three. She'll be staying there for now." They instantly nod and hurry downstairs. I make my way to the maids quarters. It's a small room where the maids take their breaks. "Where's Jill?" I ask one of my maids who is sweeping the quarters.  

"She's doing laundry sir," the girl says in a soft voice. I just nod and head towards the laundry room. Luckily, it's not far so I quickly find Jill. "We have someone in cell three. I need you to clean her wounds and give her new clothes to wear."  

"I'll be there once I finish this load," she tells me and I nod. Jill was my nanny growing up, she was always there when my parents weren't.  She was only in her early twenties when she began working here, and I was only five or six. She's one of the few people I trust. She's like a second mom to me.  

"You'll be in charge of taking her food unless I've told you otherwise," I tell her and she nods her head. "Goodnight Jill."  

"Goodnight Gage, and please get some rest. You look exhausted," she says. I roll my eyes at her comment before I go toward me office.  

I slam the door shut once I finally get to my office and fall on to the leather couch. I wish that I could've led the plan tonight, then none of this shit would be happening. But, my brother is more important. I'll get her soon, and when I do, it'll be her worst nightmare.  

But I need to discover who the girl is downstairs first. All I know right now is that she's some look alike that works at the same club as her. That gives me an uneasy feeling, I need to know more about her as she is staying in the base.  

"Gage, get the fuck up," a voice says from the door. I peak through one eye and see Alex standing at the door. "I get that tonight went completely wrong, but we need to discuss what we're doing with the girl."  

"First, we figure out who she is. Second, she'll probably just end up working at the brothel," I tell him.  

"One step ahead of you," he sands and drops a folder on my chest. "Here's her files. There isn't much, but that's all that we could find."  

"Thanks," I mumble and sit up. I open the folder and scan over the short document. Ashlynn Grace Deters, twenty-three years old. She's from Peoria, Arizona but now lives in New York City. I read over the rest before I shut the folder and set in on the coffee table. "Set up a meeting tomorrow morning with the men who were involved with tonight's plan."  

"I'll be right on that," Alex says. He exits the room and I let out a deep groan. Why the fuck did they have to fuck this up so bad? I mean, now my men have kidnapped a random ass girl and she still isn't here. There's no way I'm getting a good nights sleep tonight.  

So instead of going to my bedroom, I decide to deal with all the paperwork that is sitting on my desk. Since my life has been quite hectic for weeks now, I'm slacking on my work, which I hate. But right now seems like the perfect time to catch up. Sleep is overrated anyway.  

For the next five hours I catch up on all the papers and documents that are on my desk. I glance over at the clock and it reads 4:13.  Great, it's only four in the morning. I lock any documents that are important in the small safe I keep in my office before I head downstairs. I need a drink, preferably something strong.  

"Hello boss," one of the maids says as she continues to clean the floors. "What can I do for you?"  

"Get me a glass and some vodka," I tell her. "I'll be in the sitting room." She nods and places the mop in the bucket before she hurries off. I go to the sitting room and make myself comfortable on the large chair. The only thing on my mind now is to create a new plan to find her. She can't get away from me that easily.  

"Here you are sir," the maid says as she sets a glass, small bucket of ice, and a bottle of vodka on the table next to me. I nod to let her know I appreciate what she's done before she hurries off once more. I make myself a glass and chug the liquid. It burns down my throat, but damn does it feel good.  

Finally, a chance to relax without being bothered. I begin to pour a second glass before I head an ear piercing scream. Definitely from a woman, although I've known men to scream at that high of a pitch. So much for relaxation.  

I set my drink down and head back down to the basement. I drop my jacket and tie on the ground as I head downstairs, just wanting to get whatever I need to do over with. I roll my sleeves up to my elbows and undo the top button. A few of the men on guard nod their heads as I pass them, and I ask where the scream came from.  

"It was the girl we brought in earlier sir," one replies. "She's been quiet all night, this scream was out of the blue. She's alone in her room."  

I nod my head and go towards the end of the hall where she is staying. I grab the keys from the guard and open the door. The woman from earlier has changed into actual clothes that make her look smaller than she is. I flip the light switch on, causing a small buzzing noise to sound in the room. The lights take a moment to heat up, and that buzzing noise is just a side effect. I now get a better lock at her. She's sitting up and rocking back and forth. She looks like an insane asylum patient. Her brown hair is sticking up in every direction and I see tears fall down her cheeks.  

I move over towards her and when I stand next to the cot she jerks her head up. Her eyes are wide with fear and she holds her legs closer to her. She mutters things to herself but I cannot understand a word she is saying. Her eyes move from mine to stare at the wall and I'm just confused. What has happened in the few hours she's been down here?  

"Why did you scream?" I ask her. Her body shakes and she bites her lip. "Excuse me, answer the question."  

"Nightmare," she squeaks out.

"They aren't here right? They are still away?"  

"They? Who the fuck are you talking about?" I ask, getting even more confused by the second. 

"I can't see them, please keep them away," she cries and her body starts to tremble.  

"Go to sleep," I order her. "No one is here. You're alone. Now shut the fuck up and stop screaming. People are trying to sleep."  

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry! Please don't hurt me! I'll listen, I swear!" She apologizes profusely and her nails are digging into her skin. She's really shaken up, and it's obviously not from the events that occurred just hours before. It's something different.  

I don't find the need to respond so I leave her room, Turing the light off as I shut the door. I lock it and give the keys back to the guard. "If she acts up again, you get me right away. Understand?"  

"Yes boss," he says with a head nod. I continue walking and head back to the sitting room, grabbing my jacket and tie on my way. I'm going to need more than vodka tonight. I find one of my men as I'm walking back and tell them to call one of our brothels. I tell him to have a girl sent here within the next thirty minutes. He does as he's told and I grab the bottle of vodka before I go up to my room. Shit is getting even more complicated as the days pass. With that though I take a large swig of the liquor, wanting to feel the buzz it leaves behind.

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Linda G
sorry but pissed he assumes she should just become a whore at one of his brothels. He could have kept the blindfold on and let her go.

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