Ashlynn's POV:  

"This is where the maids stay. We each have our own little room with a community area. Mr. Cutler always makes sure that we are well taken care of," Tori says as she shows me around where I'll be living until I die.  

"Umm, who's Mr. Cutler?" I ask. Right now I only know Jill and Tori's names. No one else's names have come up, well besides Iris's. Still confused about that but I ignore my own thoughts.  

"Mr. Cutler? He's the boss," she says as though it's obvious, "the man who orders everyone around. We only address him as sir and speak when he asks questions. He's a very private man and doesn't like to be disturbed." I just nod, glad to know this information. I only got a little glimpse at the torture he caused me, I don't want to see anymore of it.  

She leads me to the bathroom so I can finally clean myself. It felt so nice to have the warm water running down my skin. I can feel all the grime comin

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wow..this is goddamn expensive! 21 coins? it ate up half of my bonus coins right away. if this is the case I'd probably finish one story after one year

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