"Make sure Alex gets record of all the files," I tell Felicity as I pull on my pants. She nods as she fixes her make up. "I'll be back in a few weeks for another report. Call me if anything happens."  

"Got it boss," she smiles at me. "See ya later sir."  

I just nod my head at her before I leave the office and head back to the main room. Alex is still sitting at our table, engrossed in his phone.  He recently got engaged and hates coming to our brothels and what not. But his fiancé knows it for his job and she trusts him.  

"When we get back to the house I'll need you to sort the files," I tell Alex as I sit down.  

"Always so bossy Gage," Alex chuckles and I roll my eyes at him.  

"Next time you say that I'll shoot you," I retort.  

"More lies tonight. Keep 'Em coming!" He continues to mess with me.  

"You're such a dick," I say and sit down. I glance up on the stage and Ashlynn is stil

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Linda G
if she was starved for a couple of weeks, I would think being too thin would have altered her look as a dancer

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