I'm happy it's morning. It's Friday which means I only have a half day at the house so I can rest before going to the club tonight. Dinner last night was very quiet. The men didn't speak unless they were asked a question, and the only ones speaking were Mr. Cutler and his family. I loved being awkward last night because I couldn't stop looking over at Mr. Cutler. He didn't shave his beard, which is now longer than the stubble it was before.  

I would also look over at Kylie who was grinning to herself. I've seen quite a few of the men look over at her, but I don't know if she noticed. Kylie would look at me and mouth thank you a few times, and I couldn't help but smile. Jill would whisper to me and tell me that Marshall is being stupid. He was usually making faces and mouthing different things to us. He is a child at heart I think.  

Mr. Cutler did look at me a few times. He probably felt me staring. It's not like staring is a discreet thing. Whenever we woul

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