Gages's POV:  

Coffee? I literally just put a mug on my desk, why'd I ask her to get me coffee? I groan and turn around, heading back to my office. Guess I'm not going to take a quick nap now. I'm also jet lagged as hell right now, so let's hope I don't pass out while walking back to my office.  

I sit at my desk and lean my head back, closing my eyes to rest for a bit. I really need to sleep more, but I just can't. There's too much shit to do. I also need to convince mom to let Vince help out a little. He's great at catching small little clues and shit, and that skill would be extremely useful right now. He's getting better, and he wants to work. Mom is just stubborn and won't let him.  

A soft knock sounds on the door and I know it's Ashlynn, well at least a girl. When any of my men knock on the door it's so damn hard. "Come in," I say and the door slowly creeps open. Ashlynn walks over to my desk and sets the black mug on my de

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Yam LeBlanc
Hahahaha I love this chapter, too funny!

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