Ashlynn's POV:  

When I got to the club tonight I was led back to the dressing room by one of the guards. He didn't speak at all, not even a hello. I've come to accept the guards not speaking, even a simple hello, but it just makes the walk awkward. He does open the door of the dressing room for me, and closes it behind me.  

"Hey Ashlynn," Felicity greets me. She's looking through her clothes to figure out to wear. "Do you think I should wear the aqua one or the baby pink one?"  

"Baby pink," I tell her. "It would go really well with your skin tone."  

"Thanks," she smiles and picks it up. "Oh, the guard who brought you here will also be the one with you when you go to the stage. His name is Daniel."  

"Thanks for telling me," I say and head over to my little station. I still only have the outfits that they picked out for me, and I really want to choose my own. I'll have to ask if I can go shopping or some

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Victoria Krechting
Damn i love this story so much

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