"Mr. Cutler!" I yell when I see him walking down the hall. He has a towel in his hands and his head down. He's wearing a dark hoodie and dark jeans now.  

"Ashlynn? Is everything alright?" He asks, putting his hands behind his back.  

"Yeah, I just got back from the mall not to long ago," I tell him and grab the small wallet I purchased earlier. "Here's your card. Thank you again, but I did buy some things with my own money."  

"Then you may just get a bonus on your check," he smirks, finally getting close enough so I can finally see the features of his face.  

"You're a mess," I say with a sigh noticing his hair going in every direction, sweat dripping down his face, and blood splatters covering his face. "Let's get it cleaned off." I grab his elbow and drag him to the closest bathroom.  

I make him sit on the toilet, after putting the top down obviously, and I grab a rag from below the sink. I set it down with warm water

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I hope Gage finds her parents and kills them

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