Alright now just have to put on the dress and I'm ready, well plus shoes. I curled my hair and put it in a high ponytail, leaving a few strands out to frame my face. I didn't buy make up, I kind of forgot to, so I just put on some lipgloss and mascara that I borrowed from Kylie. My dress is amazing. It's a burgundy color, with think white stripes, that I love. It has spaghetti straps and the neckline shows a small amount of cleavage, it's modest but also has a sexy look to it. It's a high low dress, so the back stops around mid calf and the front comes to right below my mid thigh. The end also has a ruffle look to it, it's perfect.  

I hurry to my room and grab the pair of black heels I bought earlier and slip them on. I double check that I have everything before I head out to meet Gage by the front door. I open my bedroom door to head out, but I run into something hard. Well it's obviously a person, but I wasn't paying attention. I manage to keep my balance, but the per

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