Gage's POV:  

"Face ID recognized her in Seoul. She has dyed her hair to blonde, but it's definitely her," Vince tells me. "She has met up with the South Korean Cartel and is rumored to have a meeting with them tonight. The contacts that we have there are going to be keeping tabs for us until we can figure out what to do."  

"I'm glad to have you back brother," I say, relieved that there's actually being progress made. For once she isn't a step ahead. I pat my brother on the shoulder before I look at the screen that shows security footage of her. "Is this live or recorded?"  

"Live. Our contacts were able to hack quite a few cameras in the back streets," Vince tells me as he types away at another computer. "They think today may be the day she meets with the Cartel."  

"Keep me updated," I tell him. "I need to check on Jenna. Mom said Jenna is being stubborn again."  

"What a brat," Vince rolls his eyes at o

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