Chapter 11 : Childish Means

While trying to maintain the kind elder sister image, Jasmine tried her best to approach Mina and talk to her but the little girl was strongly opposed to that. Despite seeing that, Jasmine was as persistent and clingy as ever, she endlessly talked and asked questions to Mina only to be ignored and treated like a barking dog or an annoying bug.

Bin had long since closed his eyes and relaxed on this comfortable sofa, Mina didn't disturb him as she more than anyone else wanted to rest so when the opportunity was given to him, she didn't talk or bother him, she merely sat on his lap and remained silent while looking from the window and staring at the street.

The car speed was neither fast nor slow and since the system is rotten, the car had a special plate so it had more space to drive on. For example, in an intersection, many cars would let it pass first without fighting as it is just like that, the rich benefits and the poor suffers, if you don't have a backing, you don't have money, you don't have a power of some kind, you're basically screwed and bound to suffer one way or another.

"Come on, cute little Mina, are you still angry with this elder sister? I was slightly angry because of your brother earlier but I already apologized.... come on come on...."

As Jasmine said that, she used both her hands and pinched the air but in her imagination, she was pinching the soft and cute cheeks of Mina. She wished to do so in reality but the small girl was stubborn and disliked her a lot, she didn't even spare her a glance.

Halfway to their destination, Jasmine could only give up and pout her lips, she was feeling sad for being ignored and disliked by such a lovely kid.

'Hmpf! If not for him then everything would have been fine!'

Jasmine didn't seem to have learned her lesson, all the blame was, of course, pushed on poor Bin but it's not like he cared right now as he was resting.

Jasmine stared at him and was more irritated when she saw him enjoying his time and taking a comfortable nap in her car while he was supposed to be her servant and she was supposed to make him suffer but here he is, receiving a free ride on a limousine.

While crossing her arms angrily, Jasmine stared at him with dagger eyes and only stopped when Mina glared back at her and snorted cutely, she wanted to fight back Jasmine's stare but the latter was not able to remain angry anymore and stopped her consistent angry staring.

Time passed quickly and Bin didn't even rest for a bit before they arrived at the kindergarten. It was a shabby looking building but there were some instruments for the kids to play with and there were a dozen or so kids having fun and playing tag in the yard of the building.

Mina got up from her brother's lap whilst trying to not wake him up but was surprised when she saw him awake. She wanted him to rest more but before she could speak, Bin stroked her hair and said

"I'll come pick you up later, alright?"

Mina could only nod back and get off the car. After one final look at the car, precisely where Bin was sitting, Mina turned around and ran toward the kindergarten.

"Ahhh! How could I not be able to become friends with her! My golden trick...."

With a sad look, Jasmine looked at a chocolate bar in her hands, after a couple of seconds, when the car finally started going again, she remembered something and glared yet again at Bin, who was still closing his eyes and sitting comfortably.

"Hey, you! What do you think you're doing? Sitting like that and acting as if you own the car? You're my servant the moment Little Mina left!"

Hearing her shrieking and annoying voice that he didn't want to hear, Bin felt even sicker than he already was and wanted to just go home and sleep, or if possible sleep here since it's more comfortable but with her on his neck, it won't be possible.

"Alright! Stop nagging me like an old woman, at the very least act a bit like lady..... *sigh*"

Unfortunately for Bin, this only enraged her even further. Her character when they are alone is seriously the total opposite of when she's in the public. When there are people around, she is so calm, cold and indifferent to everything, she would use the lady etiquette and behave graciously but right now, she's like an annoying, spoiled, clingy, bothersome brat that only knows how to run her mouth all day long without stopping.

"What did yo..... Ha! I won't fall for your tricks anymore, I know you want to anger me again but it's best if you come up with another trick."

Listening to her, Bin opened his eyes and stared at her while smirking.

"Hoooo, so you admit that I angered you more than one time..... you know who get angry very fast? That's right! Kids, kids, and kids alone, no adult would be irrational enough to burst out in anger at every insult or mocking he heard."

Surprisingly, Jasmine didn't take his bait and remained silent and regained her indifferent attitude, she crossed her arms, put one thigh on another and relaxed her back on the sofa.

Seeing her remain silent even after a minute, Bin knitted his brows and questioned

"So? You said my job began when my little sister left but what am I supposed to do right now?.... don't tell me you want me to massage your legs?"

As he said that, Bin performed a grabbing motion with both of his hands while gazing at her legs. Jasmine's mind jolted, she retreated some distance away and coldly said

"Such petty tricks, you're the kid for using such childish actions.... as my servant, I command you to shut up."

Bin didn't speak any further, he just mumbled with a very low voice a couple of words before closing his eyes and continued resting.

'To begin with... you are more childish for backing away from my hand motion..... I can't believe that I'm stuck with her... if only she was mute.'

Seeing that she managed to shut his mouth, Jasmine felt proud for a couple of seconds before she noticed that everything returned to square one. She shouted at him because she didn't like the fact that he was resting like that but in the end, he's still resting like that.

No matter how much she wracked her brain, she didn't find a suitable order to torture him in this car.

'Wait til we're out, you'll experience real hell!'

Approximately thirty minutes later, the limousine stopped at a certain area in the center of the city. Bin was still resting and he felt that his condition is really worsening, moving too much would burden him more so when he saw her get off the car, he was a bit annoyed.

'Can't you just sit in the car and tour the damn city for a couple hours or so, tch! Such a good car wasted for nothing.'

"So, Master, could you enlighten this lowly servant and tell us which majestic place are we heading to?"

As he was following behind Jasmine, Bin said that as he was curious on where they are going, he wanted to a rest, even sitting if fine so walking around like this is a big no-no.

"I'm meeting with friends so you better shut up and just do what I order."

In public, Jasmine maintained her usual demeanor and spoke coldly. Bin shrugged his shoulders and followed her whilst sometimes losing balance but it wasn't too tiring to the point of not being able to walk.

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