Chapter 12 : Master's Friends

"All those muscles yet you can't even walk properly? Such a useless man..."

Jasmine noticed Bin's strange walking, whether because she's stupid or didn't try to think about it, she assumed it's the way he walked or he is doing it on purpose to cause some embarrassment for her.

Bin, who was having trouble walking, much less walking properly, grinned and didn't miss an opportunity to mock her or make her angry.

"So you have peeked on me when I was changing yesterday... master is such a pervert~~~ I feel like my purity has been stolen.... ah"

Despite being outside, Jasmine stomped her feet and retorted angrily

"I-I ddidn't peek! It can be seen that you have some muscles!"

"Is that so....."

Bin kept grinning but even that grin disappeared after walking a few more steps, he never thought that his state will worsen to this degree if he moved that much. He followed Jasmine for just a few minutes yet his feet felt heavy and his hands were a bit shivering.

Fortunately, their short trip was finished as Jasmine entered a French restaurant across the street. Even the waitress here recognized here as she is a VIP customer, she immediately led the young lady to her reserved table.

Bin wasn't in the mood to enter and watch her eat luxurious food while he is suffering next to her, knowing her rotten character, she would definitely try to mock him in some way or another.

He stood in the entrance of the restaurant and watched as Jasmine walked further from him, having some time to sit and regain some strength would be beneficial, it's a miracle nothing bad happened until now from all that walking. She could have ordered the limousine driver to put her in front of the restaurant but she didn't.

Bin was about to sit on a nearby rock meant for decoration when the cold voice of Jasmine rang in his ears.

"What are you doing? Did you fall in love with the decoration or do you just want to eat them? Hmpf! Stop being so slow and follow me!"

It seemed that Jasmine was hell-bent on maintaining that cold queen attitude but if people knew her, they would know that despite looking like an emotionless ice queen right now, she was a bit angry.

'Damn it! If not for the pay..... calm down calm down... you can do it! She's just a kid, a kid... come on Bin!'

Bin calmed himself down and followed after her, even his vision was starting to turn a bit blurry, he feared falling unconscious as it would bring too many troubles, especially if an ambulance came, hospital expenses, Mina would have no one to pick her up.

Stressful thoughts piled up in his mind and made it even worse for him to see, he rubbed his eyes and followed after Jasmine's figure.

Jasmine was pissed for several reasons, first because she couldn't befriend the cute Mina, second because she gets easily triggered by whatever Bin says. It's not usual for her to become angry so easily. This only began when he intentionally or not spilled food on her and since that moment, she wanted vengeance, justice for what was done to her.

It may be excessive for her to overreact like this, but there was something about Bin that made her annoyed, she couldn't exactly say why but that thing is, without doubt, the trigger for her anger.

'Hmpf! No one angers me and gets away!'

"Ara ara! Our Jasmine is annoyed today, hehehe."

Jasmine stopped next to a table with three girls sitting around it. The one who talked was the one who looked the more mature from the three of them, with a long blonde hair and a plump breast, she like the onee-sama next door. The second girl was the flat-chested girl with short brown hair, she resembled those tomboy girls who like fighting and are delinquents.

"I'm not angry."

Jasmine sat on the last empty seat and looked behind her to ascertain that Bin was still following.

"Hahaha, I wonder who is the one who angered the ice queen."

The short-haired girl burst out laughing as she saw Jasmine in a bad mood, they were childhood friends so she instantly knew that Jasmine was angry yet she's still denying it.

The last girl didn't speak, she had red hair and had a similar cold face to Jasmine, but unlike the spoiled-brat, she appeared to be the silent type.

Bin was indeed behind Jasmine, he wasn't in the mood to enjoy the beauty of her friends, he could barely see their figures, without wasting any unnecessary words, he bowed toward the three girls and remained silent.

"Ara ara! Another servant? It's been a while since I saw one."

Melissa, the big breasted one smirked as she inspected Bin with her eyes. She noticed Bin's pale face and weird complexion but she remained silent and only glanced at Jasmine only to see her frown more. Melissa pieced the things together and easily concluded that Bin was the reason her friend was in such a bad mood but the strange thing is ; how did he make her angry? From the look of it, she's his master and not the other way around and we're speaking about Jasmine, she should be the one making people angry, not the opposite.

"He's Jasmine's new servant? I see nothing special...."

The short-haired girl didn't pay much attention to Bin, she saw his normal build and pale face and shook her head in disappointment as she liked muscular and strong men.


Jasmine merely snorted and ignored Bin, who was standing a meter behind her. The waiter soon came and poured some tea for the ladies then he took their orders. As for Bin, seeing that Jasmine started chatting with the girls and didn't give him any orders, he turned around to leave and find a place to sit.

'I ain't going to stand all day and collapse because of this damnable sickness, I need some rest, need to sit!'

Every second that passed, Bin felt his state worsening, it's the first time such a thing happened as every time he felt sick, he would take the day off to rest as per the doctor's orders but it was his unlucky day to meet Jasmine yesterday then get sick today.

Jasmine didn't notice Bin leaving but Cara, the short-haired girl did. She frowned when she saw a servant acting without his master's orders and called out for him

"Hey! What are you doing?"

Jasmine also turned around only to see Bin walking away, she forgot about his existence as time passed but she was immediately reminded of him when she saw his silhouette.

"Hey! I didn't order you to go, what do you think you're doing?"

With a blurry vision and sickness taken over, Bin turned around and gave a simplistic answer

"I'm going to rest, it's tiring to stand all day."

Jasmine didn't even get to react before Cara got up and haughtily walked to Bin while pointing at him and mocking

"What kind of servant acts on his own? You should know your place and obey your mast--"

Cara couldn't even finish before a hand grabbed her neck and lifted her a few centimeters, it was followed by Bin's annoyed yet tired voice

"Who are you to stick yourself between me and my master?"

Bin wasn't in his right mind, not only was he physically tired, his mental health was not that good, to begin with too. His body felt heavy, vision blurry, feeling a bit cold. All these accumulated were troublesome to deal with, now add the annoying and haughty voice of Cara, who came out of nowhere and thinks she's his god or whatever, he couldn't control himself and did that.

After saying that, he retracted his hands, glanced at Jasmine, who was surprised by his excessive and sudden violent behavior, she didn't stop him from taking a seat at a nearby empty table.

As for Cara, she was freaked out at first, having been treated so harshly, she was dumbstruck for a couple of seconds before she snapped out of it and pointed at Bin again with a red face fuming with anger.

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