Chapter 13 : Free Meal

"Y-You... h-how dare you to act against me? ah ah"

Cara started breathing in and out of anger, she was so angry that her face turned into a tomato. She never expected Bin to suddenly grab her neck and violently lift her in the air. It was barbaric and infuriating, especially for a respected young lady such as her.

She turned to Jasmine and loudly said

"Jasmine! If you're not going to punish your servant then I'm sending my men to beat the hell out of him until he can't move! ah ah!"

To be honest, the sight was funny, seeing her crazed like that was like seeing a little kitty acting angry. Jasmine furrowed her brows as she saw Cara forcing her to punish Bin for something he did. It's true that he's her servant but it was Cara who started it when she provoked him. Knowing his attitude, it was obvious he'll retort with something but to resort to that, even Jasmine was left speechless for a second.

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