Chapter 15 : Amusement Park

Soon, Bin was out of the restaurant, finding Jasmine waiting for him inside the limousine. Apparently, her friends tagged along as they seemed to be going somewhere, which didn't please Bin as he was not in a condition where he can go around all day, following a bunch of annoying girls.

It would be a lie to say that they weren't beauties, however, he was not in the mood to enjoy such a sight, neither did he want to deal with his annoying master that can't stop complaining about this and that.

Unknowingly, he started feeling pity for her past servants, they must have been through hell and it's no wonder they left almost immediately. Anyone who could cope with her attitude must be very, very open-minded.

Since they were all chatting and having fun in the backseat of the limousine, Bin sat next to the driver to avoid further trouble. Of course, this ended up in being reprimanded by Jasmine, who said something like 'As a servant, you must

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