Chapter 11 : Maru Island Part 2

Erica's Point of View

when I opened her eyes, I found myself lying on the beach near the sea.

As soon as I saw Victor and our companions laying unconscious on the sand, I quickly took a seat.

I immediately approached them, which prompted them to stand up as well. I shook their shoulders to snap them out of it. As soon as they woke up, they were on their feet.

"Now where are we?" I was curious questioned them about where we are.

The only thing we could do was roll our eyes at the location and realize we were on an island. We also discovered that the vessel we used earlier was unharmed. I cannot say why it did not occur to me earlier, but as you now see, I was not paying attention.

" I believe we're in Maru Island territory now! " Victor responded to my question.

I looked out to sea where the mermaids are supposed to be. Additionally, I wanted to ask them a few questions.

Even though I knew they didn't know the answer, they sh

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