Chapter 43: Final Decision!

"Do you think you're okay, Erica?" Viktor inquired of Erica after their last scheduled appointment of the day.

Erica and Viktor have been quite busy in the lead-up to their wedding. When the two of them returned home this morning, they were measured for the dresses they would be wearing to the wedding, and then they drove to the wedding venue, which was perched on the crest of a steep hill.

"Actually, I'm completely exhausted. It's possible that I could still accomplish it if we hadn't just completed that activity last night, but my body is still in pain," Viktor received a response from Erica.

"I requested that we postpone what we were doing today so that we could rest, but you refused," Viktor explained to Erica.

"I was thinking about what your parents mentioned earlier about us getting married in a week," Erica answered in response to what he said.

"Regardless of whether or not we do this for the entire Fianna Pack, I want everything t
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