Chapter 48: Erica's Departure

It was under the bright moonlight, in the cold breath of the wind stroking their skin, in the fragrant flowers all around them, and in the hiding insects that they were able to see the hot incident that had taken place between Viktor and Erica.

As they take a deep breath after their passionate kiss, their foreheads come together. Despite the fact that Erica's hands were wrapped around Viktor's neck, Viktor's hands were wrapped around Erica's waist.

The words "I know tonight is the last night of you in our world, Erica," Viktor were spoken in hushed tones to Erica.

"I won't waste this opportunity while I'm with you," Viktor added to Erica.

"In your world, Viktor, I would love to spend the rest of my life here. However, I have a mother waiting for me in the world from which I have come. I can't bear the thought of abandoning her since I know how much our lives revolve around the two of us," Erica answered to Viktor.

Following the utterance of the words, the two kissed one other again.
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