Chapter 50: The End

Erica's Point of View:

"Let's go?" Xander invited me.

He picked me up here at the university because we were going somewhere.

The next day when I got home, he showed up at once. He hugged me tightly because he worried about my loss.

And now, two months ago he still continues to seduce me to be his bride. I told him before that I didn't feel anything about his romantic feelings, but he insisted, and he said he wanted to show me how much he loved me.

"I'm sure you'll like where we're going, Erica," Xander told me to which I just replied with a smile.

We left the city, and I didn’t know where we were going. I asked him earlier, but he didn't answer me so I just let him go.

Moments later, he stopped the car we were riding in. My forehead frowned at me because it looked like you were going into the woods.

"Where are we going, Xander? Why are we here." I wondered to question him.

"You'll find out later too, Erica," he simply replied to me.

I just shook and gasped because of
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