Chapter 12 : Maru Island Part 3

Erica's Point of View:

Their clothes were torn when they transformed into a werewolf.

Slowly, their white fur came out in their whole body that, like snow, their eyes turned bluer than before. Two pointed fangs are in their mouth, and their nails grew and became sharp!

I gulped while I am watching their fight with the Shokoys.

I could see that my companions are skilled in fighting, especially Viktor.

Victor easily beats the Shokoys. Using the strength and speed of Viktor, the Shokoys didn't know how to handle him.

"Ik ik ik!"

I heard a sound coming from the Shokoys as Viktor's attacks and hit them.

"The Shokoys are increasing their number!" I shouted.

I can clearly see that the Shokoys are coming out from the water.

Even Viktor, Hugo, Remus, and Olivia defeated and overthrew many Shokoys; there is a double number of Shokoys coming out from the water.

Because of my shouting, I noticed that the shokoys turned their eyes


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