Chapter 13: P**i-p**i Volcano Part 1

Erica's Point of View

People of the city aren't able to tune out the city's noises.

Most people are currently involved in the activities they are involved in.

There are pedestrians and customers of every kind out there. They're buying food and various products, and talking to people they meet.

" We're nowhere at Puki-puki Village, " Hugo informed us.

When Hugo made that comment, he was definitely right, since we were nowhere near Puki-puki Village.

All I do is look around. It is a small rural town that offers lots of life.

" This group is made up of werewolves? " While I was taking note of the people around us, I inquired.

"That is incorrect, Erica. Additionally, there are vampires here, " Viktor provided an answer to my inquiry.

"This already came to pass in this world; we simply explained that werewolves and vampires co-exist. We have many different races, different beliefs, and different cultur


What do you think will happen to their adventure at Puki-puki Volcano? Any Ideas? Please, I need your Comments. Thanks.

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