Chapter 2 : The World called Gralynes

Erica's Point of View

"Gralynes? Vampires? Werewolves? Are you crazy !? Are you guys taking drugs !?" I asked them with confusion.

Who will be the one to believe what they say? Vampires and Werewolves? These words can only be seen in movies and books! All of that is just human imagination, and then they will say that I am in the world of vampires and werewolves !? I am not crazy to believe them!

"If you don't believe us, ask yourself how you get here," a man said to me. He is serious while looking at me. 

I rolled my eyes at the place. He was right. I don't know this place, and I don't know how I got here!

That's right! This is just a dream, and when I wake up this morning, it will all go to normal! Everything I see or hear right now is not true!

"Now I know! I'm just dreaming, and you are not real! That's right. This is just a dream!" I told them. 

They all shake their heads because of what I said. 

"Ok, let's say this is a dream so that I will believe you. Just tell me why I am here and what I need do to end this dream!" I told them more. I will be going to ride this dream. There will be nothing to happen to me if I believe them. 

A man walked over and approached me.

"You are here now because you are destined to be the bride of our future Alpha," he told me, which made me surprised.

I laughed because of what he said to me, "Are you serious about that?" I asked him while laughing.

"Did I look like I am joking?" he answered thoughtfully. 

I chuckled, "And so? What will be the next step?" I asked him that made him more serious.

"You will live here in our world!" the man said to me.

I laughed more because of his answer, "You know what? You're so good at making stories! I can't believe that this is the type of my dream," I told them with a laugh.

They shake their heads again because of what I said.

Who will believe them? My brain is still fine, and I haven't gone crazy yet!

Moments later, a man entered where we are.

He looked at me.

When he saw me, he smiled and ran towards me. He held my hand while staring into my eyes.

"Are you my bride?" he asked, smiling, and it seems that he's thrilled because of me.

I stopped laughing and stare at him.  

Who is this man? 

Why is there something that happens to me now that I don't understand? 

I couldn't help but amaze at his appearance. I'm not into observing other people's faces, but I can't stop myself from staring at him.

His face was so perfect. From his blue eyes, his eyebrows and eyelashes, from his sharp nose to his red lips.

He is also taller than me. His skin is white, and as he held my hand, I found out that his hands are soft. He was also wearing a white t-shirt and white shorts.

"Is she my bride?" the man asked the old men here in the room again.

"That's her, Victor!" the man replied to him.

He turned to me and staring again because of what he heard. His smile on his face widens. His eyes are sparkling like a star that makes him more attractive. 

"Welcome to our world. I will make sure that you will enjoy your stay here with me!" he said to me, and I felt like my body is burning.

What is happening to me? 

Why do I feel like this? 

I still can't speak because I'm still staring at his face. I know this is not normal for me, but I can't help it.

"I know I'm handsome, but I hope you can speak at least a little bit," I regained consciousness because of what he said.

I withdrew my hand that he is holding, and I moved backward.

"What are you saying that I'm going to stay here? It's just a dream, and when I wake up, I'll be back in my world!" I said to the man in front of me. He looked at me like he is wondering what I said. 

The man looked at the five older men

"Does she still not know?" he asked them.

They shook at the man's question and turned to face me again.

"I am Victor, the son of the King Alpha of the Fianna pack, and when we get married, I will be the King Alpha according to our law here," he introduced me.

King Alpha? 

"Are you crazy? I can't marry you because this is just a dream!" I shouted at him. 

He smiled at me, "Why do you say that this is a dream? Don't you believe that you are in another world?" he asked me.

I narrowed my eyes to him, "How can I believe what you are saying? Vampires? Werewolves? Gralynes? Fianna? King Alpha? They don't exist!" I answered, shouting at him.

"In your world, we really do not exist, but you are not in your world. You are here in our world!" he told me.

I just shake my head because of what he said to me. I think they are crazy!

I gasped, "All right, I already believe in you, but I also know that when I wake up the next morning, everything will return to normal!" I insisted on him. 

He smiled at me, "Then, I would like to invite you to dinner. Dad and mom are already waiting to meet you," he invited me.

Maybe, nothing terrible will happen to me if I go with him because it is just a dream! Everything that is happening right now is absurd!

"Let's go?" he smiled, inviting me.

I gasped and approached him. We started walking. The five older men had seen earlier stepped aside and bowed as we passed.

When we came out of the room where we were coming from, a long hallway exposed me. The hallway is bright because of the lights on the wall. I also noticed the hanging canvasses and the display armors in the hallway.

"Where are we?" I asked Victor.

He looked at me with a smile, "We are here in our palace," he answered my question.

I just nodded. When he started walking, I followed him. We also walked for about three minutes before we left the long hallway. I just followed him wherever he was going. Moments later, he entered a room.

When we entered, a huge dining table was exposed to my eyes! I observe the room, and it feels like my jaw dropped on the floor. In the center of the room, there is a large chandelier that provides light. The dining table is long, and a man and a woman sit at the end of the table, which I think is the palace owner. There are also servants standing on the sides.

"Come, and I will introduce you to my parents," he told me. He holds my hand and approaches his parents. 

When we got closer, Victor kissed his mother, and he sat down next to her. Victor looked at me, so I sat down next to him.

"You are the woman who is destined to be my son's bride," the woman told me.

"I know you are still confused by what happened to you, so we'll talk about it while eating," she told me with a smile.

The servants who were standing earlier on the side moved, and they served the four of us. They put our food on the plate in front of us and poured the drink into our glass. They left when they finished preparing for us.

"By the way, I am, Rosita, wife of the King Alpha, Rodrigo. And you are?"

"Erica," I answered her briefly.

"Nice to meet you, Erica!" she said while smiling at me.

"You must have been told why you are here, aren't you, Erica?" she asked me.

"I know you were surprised by what they said and maybe, we have the same thought before I first came here that it is all just a dream," she said to me.

"If that's what you think, you're wrong because it's all true!" she continued.

I was surprised by what she said. I can't tell if I will believe what she said or not.

"Like you, I also come from the world you come from, the world of humans, Erica. At first, I thought it was all just a dream, but I was wrong."

"Maybe you are wondering why you were sent to this world, aren't you? Because this is the belief of the werewolves or lycans!"

"What do you mean?" I wondered to asked her. 

"For you to understand, I will tell you what kind of world here," she began.

"This world is called Gralynes. It is only divided into two lands in this world, Land of vampires and Land of werewolves."

"In the land of the vampires, they are also divided into two, first the Bampians or the white vampires and the second the Gracians or the black vampires."

"In the land of werewolves, it is also divided into two packs; the first pack is the Fiannards where the Fianna Pack or white werewolves remain, and the second is the Ghannards or black werewolves," she explained to me.

"What pack are you?" I asked her.

"We belong to the Fianna pack," she replied to me.

"Does that mean that you are against the Ghannards?" I asked her.

"Against to Ghannards?" she asked me curiously.

"Yes. Aren't white werewolves and black werewolves are fighting each other?"

Rosita laughed at what I said.

"Where did you get that information, Erica? White werewolves and Black werewolves do not fight or compete with each other! IWelive in this world freely," she told me to my surprise.

"But according to what I read about werewolves, they will all compete because of the territorial issue!" I told her. 

"Whatever you read, all of that is untrue. White and black werewolves live peacefully in this world. The vampires and werewolves also live peacefully. No fights, no issues that happen in our world unlike you know!" she said to me that made me confused. 

Does it mean that everything I read in the books or what I watched before is wrong?

"Aren't werewolves and vampires eating human blood and flesh?" I asked them more.

"About that, we do not eat the bodies of werewolves or vampires. We are just like you humans who eat animals," she told me, which disturbed my mind.

"What about your age? How old are you? Four hundred years old, 500 years old? Aren't you immortal?" I asked.

I heard the three of them laugh because of what I said.

"I'm 59 years old while Rodrigo is 60 years old and Victor is 24 years old, Erica! What you are saying is unbelievable because no one can reach that age. Immortal? There is no eternal in the world, Erica. Everything has an end! "Rosita answered me.

"But ..." I could not continue what I was about to say when Victor spoke.

"Humans from the other world have a great imagination of yours! Everything you know about werewolves and vampires is not true, and what you know is just fabricated by writers' imaginations!" Victor said to me.

"If so, why did you bring me here to be Victor's bride? "I just asked them.

"You are here because this is the belief of this world, Erica," Rosita answered me.


"Yes, it is their beliefs. The alpha of each pack needs to get married before stepping on his 25th birthday, and that's you, Erica. You'll be Victor's bride!" Rosita said to me.

"What if I do not want to marry him?"

They were all stunned because of what I asked. 

"Let's talk about that later after we eat."

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