Chapter 3 : Their Beliefs and Practices

Erica's Point of View

Since I did not eat well at our house earlier, I ate more. The food here is the same as in the normal world.

After we ate, we went into another room, and we all sat at a round table.

"And now, we will talk about why you are here," Rodrigo said, Victor's father, the Alpha King in The Fiannard Clan.

"Before that, I want to tell you first the story behind our world," he started.

"The world of Gralynes is almost the same as the world you came from. We have the technology, there are malls, there are beautiful sights, and whatever else you see in your world, we also have. The only difference is our ability as werewolves and vampires, "I just listened to what he said.

"Do you know the concept of the Parallel World?" he asked me.

I think so. It seems I heard about that Parallel World that he is saying.

"Parallel World is a concept that your world, Earth, is not alone. There are other worlds in space that are not visible by any apparatus or technologies in your world," he said.

I remember now! That was our topic in school!

"Our world is billions of years old, like your world, the Earth. The only difference is our beliefs and our habits. About our life here is almost the same as your world." he said.

"In our beliefs and our practices, we have laws to follow, and one of them is to marry the son of King Alpha to the person destined for him," he continued to explain what was happening right now.

"The ones who brought you here are the Alchanes. The Alchanes can use magic just to find an Alpha mate. And you are destined to marry Victor, our son!" he said.

"What if I will not go to marry your son?" I asked them.

"If you are not going to marry our son, Erica, our pack will destroy or vanish!" he answered my question.

"It will destroy? It will vanish?" I feel sorry because of what they said to me.

"Yes, Erica. It will destroy, or it will vanish. Why? Because if Victor does not marry, there will be no next Alpha King, and if that happens, all Fianna werewolves will disappear. We have a book of prophecy about that, so Victor must get married before his 25th birthday, "he answered my question with sadness in his voice.

I composed myself and tried to be a heartless woman, "I don't care about your world, so why do I need to marry your son? This is not my world in the first place! ' I said to them.

The three of them looked at each other because of what I said. I was right, and I do not care about their world because I have my world, the world that I live in, and where my loved ones are.

"I will do everything to get you to agree to marry me," I looked at Victor because of what he said.

"How are you going to do that?" I asked him.

"I will show you how to love by a Fianna werewolf, Erica, and I will make sure you do not regret it when we get married," he told me.

I laughed at what he said, "How can you do that? Will you imprison me in your world and force me to marry you? Even if it is just a dream, I will never marry a creature that I do not know!" I said to them.

"We have already told you what you need to know, Erica. Whatever your decision is, we will respect it, and we have nothing to do with your decision," Rosita said to me.

"That is how it is, so there is no problem. All you have to do now is bring me back to my world because you will have nothing to get from me," I ordered them.

They closed their eyes because of what I said. Rodrigo and his wife stood up from their seats.

They looked at me, "If that's what you want, Erica, you can expect us to do it, but the summoning is only once a day, so tomorrow, you can return to your world," Rodrigo said.

Rodrigo and Rosita get out of the room. Victor and I were left inside.

"Won't you going to marry me?" Victor asked me.

"No. What will I get when I marry you? Nothing, right?" I answered him.

"What do you want me to do to change your mind?"

"Nothing. Because I know that everything that is happening now is not true, and tomorrow I will just wake up, and I will return to reality," I said to him.

"Ok, if that is what you think, I have nothing to do," he said.

He stood in his seat, "Come and let us rest. Tomorrow morning, and we will bring you back to your world," he invited me.

"When he walked, I followed him out of our room. When we came out, we went to another room. He let me in, and he said it would be my room.

I went into the room, he said. When I entered, I was amazed at the extent of its interior—beautiful furniture from the displays and the queen bed.

I walked over to the bed and got ready for bed. When I was lying down, someone entered the room, so I looked at the door. There, I saw Victor enter.

"What are you doing here?" I wondered. I question him.

He did not answer me. He walked to the foot of the bed and suddenly undressed. I sat down because of what he was doing.

"What are you doing? Why are you undressing !?" I shouted at him.

"I'm here to seduce you!" he answered with a smile.

"Seduce me !? No matter what will you do, what you want will not happen. There will be no marriage between the two of us!"

He did not speak again. He just stared at me with a smile. He took off his clothes and exposed his body to me.

I swallowed my saliva because of what my eyes could see. In my opinion, he is over 6'0 in height. His skin is white. His body has six packs of abs.

I saw his face a while ago, but it feels different now. His eyes are big blue and daring. His frame is so firm, and a perfect fit as his sweat runs down the cuts of his abs. It is like a finely carved a famous artist statue-like Michaelangelo's works.

Soon, he climbed into bed. He crawled towards me. I wanted to back off, but I couldn't. In a few moments, he was close to me. His blue eyes stared into my eyes as if he was hypnotizing me.

I swallowed my saliva again because of our position. I close my eyes when I smell his scent. It smells like a very fragrant flower that enters my nose.

"What can you say, Erica? Can you hold back?" he said with a husky voice.

My eyes widen. When I saw his captivating eyes, my body's heat increased. I feel like I'm in a giant oven because of what is happening now. I can't move, and I don't know what to do!

"What are you doing?" I questioned him with a stammering voice.

"As I said a while ago, I am seducing you, Erica. Is it effective?" he answered my question.

I touched his chest to push. When my hand touched his chest, I felt his hard chest. He took my hand and wrapped it around his whole body.

"Are you ready for the main event, Erica?" he asked.

I did not answer him. In a few moments, his appearance gradually changed. He has white hair on his face and body, his eyes are getting bluer, his ears are a bit bigger, and I can see his fang in his mouth.

Because of what I saw, I shouted because to fear. I thought that he would be going to eat me! I did not restrain, and suddenly I fainted. I closed my eyes, and I no longer knew what had happened.

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Murielle Kaatz
This must have been translated from another language because it is so difficult to read. It’s so hard to follow what they are talking about

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