Chapter 17: P**i-p**i Volcano Part 5

Erica's Point of View:

I took a deep breath as I took in the creatures that had emerged from the pyramid stone.

"Those creatures are called to as 'Kanlinos,'" Remus responded to my question. 

"Kanlinos are rock monsters that use their eyes to emit a laser beam of fire. Because their bodies are so hard, weapons are worthless against them. " Remus provided bits and pieces of information regarding the animals in question.

Because of what Remus had said, I couldn't keep my knees from trembling a little. As the monsters peered at us, I backed up a few steps.

"Prince Viktor!" Hugo screamed at Viktor, who was sprinting towards our location at the time.

Viktor was the center of attention for the Kanlinos. Their entire body is composed of rocks, and they have no ears, nose, or mouth, but I could see something red in their eyes, which I thought was unusual.

Astonishingly, two creatures sprang in front of Viktor at the same time as the thre

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