Warm Wedding
Warm Wedding
Author: Kp_46

Her Misery

Chu Nian was dragged by two tall bodyguards and brought into the president's office. Chu Nian, an eighteen-year-old girl aspiring to earn money quickly got into this company. A pure-hearted soul, she had her face full of collagen, no thick makeup to boost her perfect facial features. Chu Nian had curves in all her right part of bodies. Now she was in a completely disheveled state wherein both her arms which used to look pure white now had purple bruises. The perfectly tied bun was now open and her hairs were swaying side to side as she was pleading those tall bodyguards to leave her which was a futile attempt. As they entered the president's cabin those tall burly bodyguards ruthlessly threw her on the floor. Trying to withstand the force she slowly looked at president Gu.  Her teary eyes which were pure, innocent now had questions in them. He was a president of GU enterprise which was a well-established firm for training and grooming young and beautiful girls who aspired to become models and actresses. There was hardly anyone who didn't know that Gu enterprise was well known for carrying out works under the table or more specifically on the bed of highly ranked directors or well known rich people.  Chu Nian had been in an urgent need of money as well as she did not have any certificate or degree along with her which might land her a decent job.

With fire burning under his eyes president Gu asked " Chu Nian what do you want to say more?". While trying to get up and controlling her trembling voice Chu Nian pleaded president to let her go, she isn't what he is thinking.

Turning a deaf ear to chu Nian's pleading, Mr. Gu went to her side, bent down, and helped chu Nian to get up by gently holding her through her shoulders.

If at this time any outside person sees Mr. Gu in this action they would think that he is a very generous man, but the whole industry was fully aware of the means which Mr. Gu uses to run his business. As soon as chu Nian got up, Mr. Gu shot a fierce look in her eyes while saying, "CHU NIAN, if you are forgetting I as your BOSS should help you remember that you have taken or rather you owe me 5 million yuan. If you keep on working like this I am afraid about how are you going to pay me my money. You yourself can think about it How much money have I given you and how much are you earning for me?. It was my hard-earned money hence I cannot give it to you as a charity. Also as far as I know no one from your family can support you at this moment. Neither your that sister who keeps on wandering and playing around those street boys, not your father who only knows the taste of wine and domestic violence. And your poor old mom, even she won't be able to help you much. So chu Nian I hope you could rationally consider my request and help me make money."

Mr. Gu was a well-known businessman who would scout young girls from various parts and bring them into the entertainment industry. Giving them a dream, a hope to make their own living, make a big name. Unfortunately, those young girls like Chu Nian forget there is no free food in this world. Once they jump in the web created by Mr. Gu they get trapped forever, when they are unable to grab a project at the front lines he sends them to grab deals at the backline or more precisely on the bed. Chu Nian had also been one of those young girls who tried to have her luck but failed.

After hearing about her financial status and family problems chu Nian who was standing on her trembling legs suddenly felt soft and collapsed on the ground. She hugged her knees and buried her head in between her knees and while thinking about what president Gu said. Chu Nian understood that she cannot escape Mr.Gu's arrangement. After sobbing for some time Chu Nian looked at the president and nodded slightly expressing her acceptance for his proposal. Mr. Gu who was already expecting this suddenly gave her a bright smile while saying, "Chu Nian, I hope this time you will act accordingly to what we have discussed, I have arranged for you to go to charm fox night clubhouse. Tonight there will be many high ranking investors who wish young and beautiful models to accompany them. So go and make ample of money for me".

Mr. Gu along with his bodyguards barged out of the office after saying this while chu Nian dragged her heavy body to her changing room where she would be getting ready for Mr. Gu's arrangement.


Hello everyone, this story will go slow, smooth and sweet giving everyone diabetes before it divulges into it's actual plot. I hope you all enjoy it. 


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