First meeting at the club

There was an executive red backless gown kept along with matching jewelry and shoes. Chu Nian after wearing the gown looked no less than a celebrity. Slightly heavy ruby red earrings casting its shadow on her bare shoulders. Her smooth milky white back leading to a slim waist. Wine red lipstick which seems appetizing along with slight blush which changed the temperament of the whole person. In order to take care that Chu Nian doesn't cause trouble president Gu himself went to drop her.

In the car president Gu said, "Chu Nian, tonight I will see your performance. You don't have to worry much, the people who come here are all filthy rich and don't care about spending money, so as long as you work well you can earn highly and quickly. Also if you return my money to me ASAP you can have a stable life for yourself as well as your family"

Mr. Gu tried to encourage Chu Nian so she does not create problems like last time. Though last time she was forced while today she is going by her own will, he still did not want to miss the chance of pleasing the higher authorities.

Hearing president Gu, Chu Nian only nodded slightly while thinking how she thought of becoming an actress or a model. Her decision was not based on her dreams, rather it was based on the amount of income, this being a way to earn enough money she signed up with Gu entertainment.

Soon the car came to halt in front of the club. As chu Nian got down the car she saw the executive place which was screaming money from every corner of its place, even the security here was top-notch. She had heard that this place is also known as the house of the Devil. This was one of the topmost luxury resort in the world, it was built on the lake surrounded by forest. The architecture was designed by a well-known architect from France. The annual fee to enter this club is millions of dollars. Membership isn't easy to get as you can only get a membership if you are introduced by an existing person. Along with that, membership is only given after thorough checking and reviews.

Someone greeted President Gu and lead the way for Chu Nian to enter the place of the party. Chu Nian was fully aware of what happens in these high profile parties but never had she experienced this. Nor she ever wanted to. But fate played a major role in landing her in a place where she never dreamt of standing. 

On the other side, in a group of aristocrats, President Han was sipping his executively aged red wine while listening to the other party praising him endlessly. President Mo was one of the competitors of the Han group of industries. While Mo enterprises were completely passed from generation to generation, the Han group was single-handedly made by President Han from scratch, who happened to be the second young master of the Han family.

Finding the right opportunity President Mo raised his glass while happily speaking,  "Hello president Han, I congratulate you, after all now First young master would be getting married to his girlfriend who also is the daughter of Tian group's president. Now both big companies would be joining hands, what would happen to small companies like us". Saying this president Mo cheered President Han.

Though it seemed like the normal conversation or a simple congratulator message, it was not difficult to detect that President Mo was hinting something to business marriage and not marriage related to love.

Between the *click**clank* sound of wine glasses, other people present in the venue started discussing how President Han dotes on his brother along with the possible marriage which was joined to expand the business. Also, there was rarely someone who didn't know how powerful these two families were. Han group and the Tian group, both were leading developers and had the power to disrupt the country's economy with a single flick.

As Chu Nian entered many people were eyeing her, after all, a pure and elegant beauty was very rare in this circle. Many high profile models were swaying their bodies near rich masters. Circling around their bodies while highlighting the curves of their body was a sure shot way to trap these git's masters. As Chu Nian was watching those models way of behavior while trying to analyze what she was supposed to do. Suddenly someone came, grabbed her hand by its wrist, and pushed her on the sofa by his side. President Han saw Chu Nian when she entered, a glimmer of light passed into his eyes which lasted only for a second after which he started sipping his wine in a calm demaneour. The person who pulled Chu Nian was a rich second generation heir and a well-known playboy in the circle.

Attaching himself to Chu Nian's body he gulped a whole glass of wine before speaking in a  drunk voice, "Little sister, don't be afraid, you seem to be new here, I will help you. Come drink this wine, its for you." By hearing this Chu Nian was scared and was slowly moving in the opposite direction of the rich second generation heir.  Even though it was her first time coming in such parties, she was sure if she drank that glass of wine she would be at the losing end of the stick.

Unaware of the person on the other side, she was steadily moving away till her body touched President Han. Noticing the girl moving close to President Han the rich second generation heir understood if this goes on any further he would have to face the wrath of the devil. Quickly grabbing Chu Nian and dragging her away from President Han in time he scolded her with an angry face while shoving the glass into her hands. The rich second generation heir had already finished his part of the wine and chu Nian was asked to finish hers too, taking a moment and calming herself chu Nian understood there's no way to escape and she downed the whole glass of wine in a single shot. Besides her president Han was watching all her moves with an expressionless face.

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