Same Bedroom

"This is the house where you will live with me from today" Entering the house president Han spoke while gesturing his hand towards the house and added

"I don't like people always following me around so I never hired maids and butlers but if you want one I can hire them. No need to worry about cleaning, there's a maid who will come every day around noon and clean the house. "

A little surprised Chu Nian asked, "Food.... you cook?"

Laughing President Han nodded and said: "It must seem difficult though but surprisingly I can cook."

"Okay, let's go I will show you the room. You can get fresh, unpack your stuff and then come downstairs for dinner"

Nodding when Chu Nian started walking towards his room President Han got amused and asked, "Why are you going in my room???"

With a questioning tone, Chu Nian answered,  "Didn't you say dating? Then ...we.....different bedroom ....or ....same bedroom????"

Walking towards Chu Nian President H

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Ratna Bhutia
beautiful story ...

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