[And suddenly you just know its time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings]

Han Yuren might have never thought that one day he would be sitting patiently and answering someone's questions. He was an unquestionable authority, his all decisions were final. No one would ever have the guts to question him back about any decision made by him and here this girl... Time and again he had to explain her, answer her.

"About that.....

Sleeping beauty, do you also have a habit of losing your memory after sleeping???"

Hearing a completely unrelated statement Chu Nian became more alert and kept on staring at President Han.

"I, singlehandedly built Feiren corporations, if I don't have the ability to observe how can I be such a successful person. Only if you remember last night in the hotel room the table cloth was of purple color. Even though you did not say anything about it but your eyes started blinking rapidly after looking at it and also y

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