The interview

  • The interview

❤Adrian Jaylene❤

Time for the interview arrived. My dad set some of the board members to interview the and arrange everything. while we had a board meeting early this morning and will be going in for another after they're done with the interview. so, we're taking a break...and I'm heading to one of my favorite restaurants in town. I'll be picking Elsa in 5min for us to discuss what I decided. we arrived at the restaurant and we ordered food and some good wine. On waiting for our order, I spoke first.

"so, I've concluded on what we discussed last time. And I decided you join us in our board meeting hence forth until you're able to prove to your dad how you'll be able to handle his business. You'll not be quite active because that's a risk. Since you're not quite familiar with the rules here and still have a lot to learn." she was about to speak when I said again "and do not worry,  I've told my dad about it and he'll introduce you to the other board members in the meeting we'll be having shortly"

"that's great news and it's a very good step for me. Thanks Adrian...I promise I'll do my best"

"yeah I know. if not, I wouldn't take this risk. After all it'll be advantageous for us all if our company work together...bringing new ideas"


"By the way, how is mom and dad?"

"they're good. Just this whole thing that's keeping them busy"

I see"

I heard what happened with your cousin (Danny Scot), and your dad pressuring you on your new project in Italy" I looked at her blankly. Not understanding what she meant

"what project? And what's with Danny?"

"...." she was speechless and looked away

"why aren't you saying anything?" I said in a cold voice

I thought mum told you." l gave her a daring look which coursed her to speak immediately "elm...Danny is fighting to get the...project your dad called " BIB"..." before she could finish, I stopped her with my hands up. The "BIB" she's talking about was an investment my dad proposed to me 2weeks ago, and he has been pressurizing me about it...never knew it was a project that my cousin Danny is trying to take it without my knowledge! How dare him!!! And why did my parents hide it from me!? of course they know what I'll do to Danny if I find out. All this was going on in my head when my phone rang... from my assistant! I looked at my watch and it's not yet time for our board meeting.

"what is it Blaze?" in a cold voice

"we need you now. something went wrong with the mailings for the board and the..." he didn't complete his statement when I said

"that's the secretary’s' job"

"but something came up and she went with Collins to verify" Collins is a member of our board meeting "u know she is not only responsible for your personal needs as long as she works as the main secretary of the board member...she knows most of your personal stuff so she's really a good use to the board member..." he continued

"I'm coming" I said and hung up

"Adrian is everything alright?" Elsa asked

"Everything is N.O.T alright! This conversation is not over." I said and paid for the bills after which we left to the company. She didn't dare to say anything on the way...

❤Billie Rolene❤

I was in a taxi heading to the company for my interview when I saw the young man of last time with a young beautiful lady having a modeling structure and tannish skin entering a black car from a well know restaurant. I guess it's his lady. Whatever! I was kina nervous but, it wasn't obvious until now that saw him...I was more nervous that I started sweating. I don't know why I'm feeling this way" I mumbled. I was expecting my mum or Ashley to call to calm me down but non did. I wish my dad wasn't so busy. I do miss him.

When I arrived the company after the traffic, I had on my way...I was shock to see that same car I just saw on the way. Wait a minute...How the hell did they arrive before me? Once more I was late. Always on bad timing for me. I started cursing myself. When going in, I was saying "I got this" in me till I arrived the interview section. This place is hell lot BIG!

When I got in and I saw three people sitting with a focused glare in which Mr. Adrian was not there. I breath out a sign of relief. I wasn't that late for 3people came after me but was the last interviewed. After sometime, a woman came if. Which guess was the secretary? she took down every detail of my interview and was stunning too. Wow! all the workers here are very special. I answered every question and everything was going well until someone came in with a powerful presence that I've felt before. Because the people in the room got up and bowed their heads. then I heard a cold voice with an angry tone to the secretary that came in some minutes ago.

"YOU'RE FIRED" he said looking at her

That's when I turned to look at that person with a familiar voice and obviously it was Mr. Adrian... (his like 3yrs older than I. I guess. Why do I even call him "Mr.")?


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