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❤Billie Rolene❤

I look at him confused as well as the secretary but the other people seemed used to it and a little shocked for someone to be fired just like that...and if I’m not mistaken, she has been working here for a long time. Is that how he really one dared to make a sound. He ordered her out of the building immediately (but, how can he? we are in the middle of an interview. Can't he wait) so I thought. She just did as he said and they were about to live when he stopped his pace for a second (oh God! what now!?) and turned to ME! My heart Skip a little and I swallowed a gulped to my throat but didn't panic and stayed confident and fierce just as my mum thought me. He narrowed his eyes at me and said

"What the fuck are u doing here!?" I didn't get the chance to answer him last time. But I won't let that repeat itself.

"What did you (stressed it) see me doing before u banged in and interrupted" he was shocked and furrowed his brows. then I said again "ohh...sorry u couldn't see because you were busy sacking someone. Which u did" He then placed his hands in his pockets and started coming towards me? Yet I kept my head's then I realized how tall he was and little huge. He stopped 1step away from me and was looking deep in my eyes and I did same confidentially.

"How dare you answer me with a question!" he said in an angry tone. I could see it in his eyes and how he clenched his teeth while talking. I stood there reflecting what he said the other time (in chapter 2) ...and said

"You said your company needs punctual, humble and bold people...I am bold that's one characteristic and you'll see the others when you'll get to know me as a worker here." 

"the last time I saw you, I believe I made it clear we don't need people like you here! You rolled your eyes at me and got away with it...and you dare show up here now" I furrowed my brow and wanted to speak when he raised his index finger and said..."Shh! you don't talk when I'm talking". I looked away like I'm out of my patience. I hate it when they shut me up when I'm about to say something.

He continued "You even dared to come late. if not, I don't see how you're the last to be interviewed" "look around you. Does this place look like home or school, that you bump in anytime you wish? I looked back at him and said

" Sir with all due respect...let these people u choose do their job... Cause without them, you won't be here and same as without u they won't either. they need as much as you need them. And you know you can't do all the work alone. You.know.that.very.wellSo, suggest, you let them decide if I'm fit to work here or not...if not, then why did u place them here. Or, is it that you don't trust them or....they can't do their jobs correctly" he raised his brows. And as well as the people in the room like a shocking expression. I continued by shaking my head first then said

"I really feel peaty for them...I know I shouldn't talk about what just happened with your secretary but, I was so speechless. For whatsoever reason you could fire a long-time secretary like that! ...what more of these people!? I know all think same but, are scared to speak of a so called " Lion" Adrian. No offense!" he clenched his teeth and said in a loud voice enough for us inside to get clearly.

"Everyone out...except for you miss... (he looked at me document on the desk with my name on it. Then back to me) Billie" The way he called one has ever called me that way. He stressed my name a little and said it in a soft tune. Then said he, still looking at me this time back to his arrogant tune to those people for they were hesitating "I'll take it from here. I think your work is done now." I narrowed my eyes at him. He smirked. They were all going out when a lady spoke to him from behind "Mr. Adrian the board meeting will be starting in 5minutes and we'll need.... a secretary. What should we do Sir?" he became more furious and said louder still keeping his gaze on me "I said GET OUT!" when he said that, it took me out of guard because I was lost in his eyes from the look he gave me when calling my name and I shock a little. I guess he saw that. Because he smirked in disbelieve. And so, the room was cleared just him and I. he spoke first with a daring glare...

"Do you know I can make you disappear without anyone asking about your where about?" his voice was low that only I can get him

"I'm not scared of you...and besides I have people, families who care about me and so, can do everything to protect me. if you dare, your business will go along side."

"what makes you so sure? You are already in the lions' dent. And it's a matter of seconds before you are no more (he stressed out the " no more")

"I have my mom...they say, the love of a mother is powerful and can break any barrier. Including " the lions'' dent". "

 He seemed speechless for reasons I don't know. YesssMaybe my words scared him...he looked at me with mixed emotions in his eyes. Yet was still cold in look and steady. I thought of teasing him the more since this was working. So, I said

"and my dad too...he's an army. Not any type of army so.... if anything happens to his family, trust me they (the government, alongside generals) won't let go." Actually, my dad is not just an army but the general of armies. Why is he so speechless? I thought...I know his family is a big family with so many connections...even with presidents. How can this affect him?  He came closer and was just inches away from me and was looking deep in my eyes with those same the was some interesting thing there. He raised his hand and was about to touch my cheeks...what the hell is he doing. I didn't move. Before someone got in...

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