I'm in charge

  • I’m in charge

❤Brooke Jaylene❤

I was speaking to an important guest when one my board members excused her to talk to me...I looked at my watch and realized it's

almost time for our board meeting maybe that's why she's calling me.

 But it's the secretary duty. Why didn't she come instead? I just concluded my discussion with my guest and leaded him out. When I meet my board member to ask her to take the "prepared files" from the secretary...she said this

"Mr. Brooke...something happened"

"Let me guess...She couldn't prepare all the files in time. Aww! Anyways, we'll work with what we have. I can understand she does so many stuffs. I think we should all contact our secretaries individually to deal with our issues and meetings. So, this doesn't

happen again. Remind me to make that clear during the board meeting." I said while turning to leave I heard this

"That's the reason she's sacked!" I stopped my pace and turn to her

"By who and y?"

"By Lord Adrian Sir--" she didn't complete her statement when I said

"Don't you ever call him like that're my most loyal board one should know this"

"Yes, Sir I'm sorry. It slipped from my mouth"

"Do you know why she was sacked?"

"No Sir. He just came in when we were interviewing one Candidate and fired her...and..."

"And what!? where is he? I need to talk to him. How can he fire a long-time secretary like that--" I said and was going towards his office before she interrupted my words?

"Sir...he's still there talking to the young lady candidate. He drove everyone out and said he's taking over." I stopped and turn around one more time.

"Since when did Adrian start taken care of other people's job! something is wrong right?"

"Hmm..actually the girl seems special. Trust me sir it's hard to explain. The way she talked back at Lord--sorry Mr. Adrian no one has ever and will ever have that guts to talk to him that way. Not to talk of getting away. I don't know what he has done to her or said to threaten her. But they've been there for long now. I think you should go check what's going on." I furrowed my brows in confusion. Who can that lady be? I better go save her. Because I know my son.

"Henna go start the meeting and take care of the files...we'll be coming soon. Don’t let my wife know about this. Make sure to tell the people u were with at that time same. I’ll take care of this." I said and left toward the interview room

❤Adrian Jaylene❤

This lady was testing my patience unbelievably until....she said something that got me in a trance immediately...the person who stood in front of me now wasn't looking like the young lady I was discussing with and I started feeling same way I felt when I first meet her and same way I feel when my dad calls my real moms name...Yes it's my MOM!

I feel her even though she's dead. She was looking at me saw I came closer to touch her cheeks if this is real...when someone got in. I snapped out of what seemed like a trance and saw the lady standing in front of me breathing hard with a confused glare...while my dad said

"What the hell Son! what were you trying to do. You're scaring the hell out of her" I turned around and said

"please Dad stop yelling! I

wasn't scaring the yell out her. It’s not like I can lay a hand on her. she's a woman. and for God's sake you know I can never do that. That's too low for me." I said turning back at her. I looked at her from head to toe and back to head. Then wiped my hand with my face like I was frustrated... then left. living just her and my dad. 

❤Brooke Jaylene❤

When I got in. I saw my son almost touching this lady. Don’t know what he was up to. so, I told him off. He shook like he was been surprised. Like nothing surprises Adrian. when he turns to me that's when I could see the young lady standing there like a statue. She looked at me and back to my son, who also turned and looked at her. I studied his reaction towards her. And I saw something shocking... he seemed frustrated and soft in his look. when he moved out, I stared at the girl for some time and said.

"What's your name?" 

"Billie...Billie Rolene" she surprised seemed humble and innocent. And I started doubting if it's same Lady who talked back at Adrian. I nodded and a spark came to my mind like...OMG 

That name Rolene...I know where it's from. It’s TIME!

"So, you came for the interview to work here?"

"Yeah...but it seems like your son doesn't see any potentials in me...So, I'll just pass. Maybe this isn't my fate" she was about to live when I said

"What my Son says. Is not what makes you. But what u are that makes you. Do not listen to what people say but what your heart says"

"I'm sorry sir but I don't think I can feel what my heart says any longer. not after just happened. it almost jumped of my chest. I thought this was my last day--"

"You don't need to explain anything. I understand. And u know what? you are working here henceforth. Like right now."


"Yeah. don't be scared. I’m in charge..."

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