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❤Billie Rolene❤

When Adrian was living, I didn't dare to ask about the results of my interview...I guess it's a No. But when his Dad gave me this opportunity, I was so happy. Not until he mentioned this

"You'll be working as Adrian’s' secretary. We’re having a board meeting this moment so, we'll need you now." it's almost like I didn't get what he first said until I heard "we'll need you now".

"...." I was speechless. how can I be his, he can treat me like that woman he just sacked? this is my worst nightmare. but I couldn't refuse his offer even though it didn't sound like one. Since I had no option.

"Come on. Let's go...I'll introduce you to the board members. You won't do much. since it's your first day." he said while going then stopped his pace turns around and said "But, before we go, I want to tell you something...Be patient with him...he can be very stubborn most often...that's all. I believe in you Billie. If there's anything you can talk to me.... Common let go. We’re running late" he said and we left to the board meeting.

I was still trying to process what he said and how I'm going to face Adrian after what just happened while following him behind. when we arrived, my heard skipped immediately our eyes meet. He narrowed his eyes at me..then to his Dad.

They were 12 of them there. Including me making it 13 of us. The room was so large. 5 women and the rest men. Now that I'm in, it'll be 6 women...I was looking at the whole room when Mr. Brooke spoke

"I want to introduce to y'all Adrian’s' new Secretary Billie Rolene. She'll be attending this meeting now and meetings to come. So, she's one of us now." I waved at them. Like a kid. Then turned my gaze to Adrian. But he was looking at his dad with a confused glare.

his dad said again...

"Adrian. Take care of her and teach her what she needs after this meeting or even now if any"

He turned his face towards me and was looking into my eyes with a cold glare then back to his dad. I was surprise he didn't say anything. They started their meeting. so, I looked for a sit away from the table and was watching at their meeting and taking note of any detail...that's when I realized the woman, I saw him with was sitting next to him. When I looked at him, I realize he was looking at me with a pen on his jaws swirling it and leaning against his chair. So, I looked away immediately

But then I could still feel his glare on me often but didn't look back. It seemed like he wasn't in this meeting at all. He looked lost in thoughts.

The meeting got finished and I was a little exhausted because I barely knew anything yet. So, everyone went out except for Adrian and his girl with a woman, I guess. His mom.

Since it was more of the family, I was getting uncomfortable when the girl spoke...

"Mom I missed you so much...I can't believe I'll be here with the family. I can't thank you'll enough"

"It's ok Elsa. We’ll always be there when you need us. Sorry about what your dad is making you pass through. he doesn't know what he's missing.... I was surprised on how you handled the issues today. You’re experienced and talented in this...just keep up."

I just sat there awkwardly over hearing their conversations. Waiting for Adrian to finish what he was doing on his laptop. So, he could tell me what to do just as his dad said.

Elsa then turned to Adrian and was telling him something in his ear. his mum turned her gaze to me..then, looked at me like I was a filthy rag. oh!! so I have 2 haters.1 Adrian and now, the mom. Hmm!

I saw Adrian smiling at what she said still keeping his eyes on his laptop.

 "Alright children. I'll be leaving you two". when she arrived closer to me, she told me to follow her.

we went out living the couples there. She said in cold voice.

" I don't know who you are and where my husband picked you. But u better not be a treat to my family or company. You see that handsome young man inside, he's my only child. If I ever get that you disobeyed him like the woman he just sacked or do whatsoever, you'll be dead (she smirked and said again almost like a whisper) trust me!" I just nodded and she left. I sigh exhausted and opened the door...and Elsa was just living. When she came closer to me, she smiled and left. she seems nice. So, it's just me and u man. whenever I think of what happened the last time, we were alone, I feel like disappearing. He closed his laptop and picked up his files and was coming towards me. then didn't even look up at me for once after the meeting till now. He by passed me like I wasn't present and was about to open the door when I said.

"I'm not sorry for what happened during my interview. But, why are u walking away from me like I didn't exist. remember I'm your secretary now...I've been waiting for you almost 15minutes now only for u to walk away. Why didn't you just tell me to leave. Maybe you're tired...just say it. instead of being boas over nothing!" he turned towards me and said.

"I didn't employ you. so, go work for my dad. I think he needs that more. secretary." he turns to live when I say.

"Don't worry you'll s.o.o.n. need my help and bear with you I won't even pick your height" he just kept going like I wasn't talking to him.

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