Refused coorperation

  • Refused Corporation

  ❤Billie Rolene❤

I went home very exhausted at 5:20 pm and found my mum at my place. I was not so happy because I didn't want to hear any of her comments today. Not after what Adrian did. When she saw me, she said?

"Hey baby..u seem exhausted. How did it go?" I didn't even look at her 

"it was you can see mum, I'm very tired...I think I need some rest. Then, we can talk." She looked at me and nodded.

"Ok dear" she said and I left to my room...and took a long nap.

We finally talked about everything when I woke up that day...I called my friend Ashley to come over and they were all happy for me. least I forget. Ashley was not chosen so...we watched a movie and she slept over. It was my last year in GIMMA university and I had to graduate like 2weeks from now.


kina exited but when I keep thinking of the work I'll be having from tomorrow; I get sick instantly. 

I just hope I get used to.


Very early the next day by 5:00 am, I made sure I was up. Doing any house choice, I took my bath and got ready for work. I didn't want to teas Adrian this time. Ashley woke up along. So, we went together and she dropped me at work. My mum had left last night. Sure, she had things to do.

Before getting in, I took a long breath. Today I decided I'm going to tell Mr. Brooke that, his Son has refused to cooperate with me. When I went to his office, he was busy. so, I waited for some time before he let me in. I said

"Good morning Mr. Brooke"

"Good morning dear. how did you sleep?" I was a little bit surprise he asked me this so I said

"Ohh...great for a moment" he gave me a confused glare. And said

"why a moment?"

"Because Adrian is giving me a hard time...insert, he refused me to do my duty. He said you employed me and not, I should work for you not him." He sighs and leaned against his chair and said.

" Remember what I patient with him. He is hard work. And don't forget you're not doing him a favor. Instead he is. Because he needs you more."

"Okay Sir. I'll be living now" I said and he nodded. Why do I feel like? "he needs you more" is not what I'm thinking it is. Anyway, it doesn't matter now. What matters is, I have to teach that Son of bitch a lesson. I left his office.

On my way, I was thinking of what I'll do for Adrian to let me do my job...when I pumped into someone taller than me. Gush! what sort of person is this he doesn't see...when I looked up, I saw "the almighty Adrian" standing with his phone on his hands and looking at me furiously. He spoke before I could

"Are you fucking blind!? what the hell are thinking of working like a frustrated old woman!?"

"Do not insult me. Because you put me in this mess! If only you let me do my job...and you couldn't have pumped into me if you kept your head straight and weren't looking at your phone like an Albino." he was silent for a moment not knowing what to say. then he said

"I don't know how many times I'm going to tell you. I

don't need you as my secretary. But since you're so stubborn like me, I'll prove to you that I'm a professional in that field." Immediately...a lady came with a report to him. She said

"Sir your mum send me to remind you of the project in Italy and asked if you're prepared..they'll need your Assistant and Secretary there as well." she handed him a file and said again " we'll be giving the detail information for the project today during our board meeting. She asked you to go through this and let your secretary copy every detail. By tomorrow." after which she left. when I saw the frustrated look on his face. I tried to suppress the laughter that was about to go out but I couldn't. So, I just let it out. it was then he realized I was still there. so, he said

"what the hell are still doing here!?"

"I guess it's clear. You just proved from your look how badly you need someone like me. (still laughing)" my courage came back and felt like this is a good start for me to torment him. He just clenched his jaw and was walking away when I said again. "You'll come begging for my help. And trust me, I won't even look at you. Good luck with your project Mr. Adrian" I was so happy...he kept walking and didn't even look back.

❤Adrian Jaylene❤

When going to my office, I saw Billie walking like she lost everything she has. Then I received a message on my phone and it was important so, I had to go through it. When I didn't realize how close I was to her and pumped into her. 

She seemed more furious than I was when she was the one walking like an orphan. that got me more furious. we argued there until a lady (my mom's

assistance) brought to me a file and said things that got me thinking then left...I didn't realize Billie was still there when I heard her laugh out loud in a provocative way.

 I was so mad that I had to live, if not I don't know what I could do to her. she said something while I was going that got me angrier. It was kina true. Because I badly needed her right NOW...the truth hurts they say!

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