The almighty Adrian

The almighty Adrian

❤Adrian Jaylene❤

I went arrived my office. Sat and was thinking of what I'll do. When Blaze my assistant came in, I was relieved seeing him. so, I said immediately he came to sit

"You don't know how bad I needed you here!"

"Anything the matter? You look tired"

"Everything is the matter here Blaze. EVERYTHING!"

"I think I know what the matter can't do all the job Adrian." he stopped and I looked at him confused." Why don't u just let this girl do this for you-" he didn't Finnish when I said

"What are implying?" 

"Common man, you know exactly what I'm talking about. it's time you kill your pride and let this girl handle it" I raised my eyebrows in disbelieve.

"I can see that this girl has intoxicated you with her so called " Boldness" I said and took my phone to check something

"Like seriously, almost everyone is talking about it ...who dares talk back at the almighty Adrian. But she broke that record. That girl can be something" I smirked and looked up to him

"I know right...just because I make you my friend, doesn't mean they're no boundaries. And just because she went away with it, doesn't mean you or anyone else in or out of this company will go away with it." I gave him an intense look. Which coursed him to jake his hands up in a sign of surrender. I got up and went towards the window where I could see the whole city view.

"SOOO, what have you decided?" I said without looking around

"I want you to meet her and tell her I want her in my office right away"

"Alright..." he hesitated before replying and went out.

❤Billie Rolene❤

I was in my office when Blaze knocked and came in. I gave him a sit. Actually, I

didn't have much word. So, I was preparing the files for the meeting soon. He spoke

"Actually, I came to tell you...Adrian needs you in his office now" I looked at him for some time and said

"So, he has finally come to his senses'. Interesting (putting my hands on my chin). go tell him, I'm N.O.T. coming because I'm busy and I don't even work for him (behaving as if I'm thinking) if I recall clearly."

"Miss Billie, I hope you know what you're doing..Mr.. Adrian is not your boyfriend, friend, family or whatsoever that you should decline his invitation. You should be great full." I just looked at him from head to toe and back.

"I can see that...birds of the same feathers fluke together. Don't you dare use that influential and bossy habit on me. Remember you are in my office not your personal property. So, if you don't mind, I have things to do given to me by my real boss. And tell your " boss" to be a man and come face me." he looked at me in disbelieve. Hesitated then said while living

"My boss is surely lucky to have as secretary" I gave a confused glare towards the door as the left.

❤Danny Scot❤

I've been waiting for this opportunity for a long time now and look at where it landed cousin Adrian is on the same line as me. I don't want to go against his. But I just hate it when all the time they underestimate me. all this was going through my head...when someone came in my apartment. I turned and saw my Dad.

"Dad where have you been. I've been looking for you"

"Instead of asking me where I have been, you should be thanking me for cleaning up your mess...and what are you doing here? Your cousin is there getting everything your grandma left for y'all and you're here passing your mouth doing nothing" I tried to control my anger but couldn't. I just throw a flower jar down and it scattered to pieces. My dad looked at me confused (actually, he has never seen me like this because I've always been calm). then I said

"I'll be going tomorrow to Italy."

"Hell no!" he said

"Dad it's not what you think. I

can't act that stupid! "..." it's just a... surprise visit" I said again

❤Adrian Jaylene❤

I just came out of the restroom when I saw Blaze sitting on my couch in my office. He told me everything Billie told him...and what shocked me is what she said about me coming over...I was so mad but I still resisted. I won't dare do that! not in a life time. Who does she think she's talking to? I just told him to prepare for the meeting...soon the door opened and I thought it was her but no! my Dad!? what is he doing here now. this doesn't seem like good news

"Adrian!! what on earth is wrong with you?" I just looked away. he said again "I'm talking to you. Look at me" I got up from my chair frustrated and said

"Dad what are you talking about?"

"I'll be heading to the meeting now. I want you to fix things with Billie before 7:00 p.m. If not, you know what's going to happen." he said and left. 

I roped my hands in my hair and sigh. Blaze came and put his hands on my shoulder tightly...and left the room.

I left for the board meeting. when I got in, I saw her sitting. Immediately she saw me, she looked away. I smiled a dangerous smile and went to my sit. During the meeting I saw her writing down every detail. The meeting got finish and everyone left. Excluding my dad, her and I. When my dad was done talking to her, I saw her trying to live with my dad. Immediately my dad left. I locked the door.

❤.....❤ Protection Status