Some danm castle

Some danm castle

Some danm castle

❤Billie Rolene❤

I was about to live because I didn't want to face him. all through the meeting, I've been avoiding eye contact with him...even though I kept feeling his gaze on me. When I heard the door locked...I pause... then turned around...Oh.My.God this is not good. We stared at each other. My heart wasn't steady. 

"What the hell Adrian...don't you see I'm about to go out!?" he didn't say anything. He just chuckled and was coming closer to me and I was taken steps back too...when he saw that, he stopped and Clenched his jaw.

"I want you to repeat every single word you told blaze to tell me now!"

"Oh! so now you decided not to be a chicken and face me or should I say the reality.... aww. I'm sorry but I don't think all this is leading to a matured discussion. Firstly, you lock me up here. Really!! that how you want to play this game. The game you started!" I said

"Look...if you want to live this place alive, you'll have to stop running your mouth."

"Are you sure you'll be able to take what you're asking for? Because I bet you. I won't take this any easy on you." he gave me a daring look. I cleared my throat and spoke

" I said you should be a man and come find me because--" I didn't complete my statement when he spoke.

"I sent my assistant to you. and you dared send him back to me that I SHOULD COME SEE YOU. As who!?"

"Have you forgetting already, I'm N.O.T. your secretary and I D.O. N'. T. work for you. So, why the fuck does you think I'll come see who!?" he started moving closer to me but I didn't move back this time. When he was 2 steps away from me, he stopped. He narrowed his eyes at me and said

"You know I won't hesitate to fire you if I want."

"You know you can't do that because you n.e.e.d. me as the air you breath. And by the way you

didn't hire me! how on earth will you. fire (low tune. Almost like a whisper) me!?" he narrowed his at me the more and I said 

"stop doing that, because it doesn't scare me a little. It instead makes you look ugly (that's a lie. He is handsome as a god even when he frowns. It's just that he looks best when he smiles not to talk of how he'll look when he laughs)." he chuckled. I believe he's full of himself or well just knows himself. when he did that. I rolled my eyes.

"Did you just Fucking role your eyes at me!?" he said with his brows furrowed in an angry tone. I opened my eyes wide and said

"I believe that isn't a question. Cause I just rolled my eyes at you (I said doing the action again). if you didn't see that too. I can just repeat if you want!" He clenched his jaw hard... I bet that hurt him in his marrow and he was coming towards me, while I was moving back until I hit a stole behind me and fell hard to the grown with my back. My head was to hit the grown as swell but Adrian put his leg immediately to support me. It was almost like a speed of light. I couldn't start asking questions how he did that...because the only thing I could feel is pain from my head to toe. I screamed in pain holding my waist with my hands still on the grown. 

Adrian didn't think twice as he was about to carry me when I cried in pain

"Don't you dare lay your hands on me!!" he sighs heavily saying loud

"Will you shut the Fuck up and let me handle this! it's this same mouth that put you in this condition...are you going to trust it now!?" I became speechless not knowing what to say or think. he was kina right.

"That's what I thought" he then bent and put his hands under my upper back to carry me. I moaned in pain and said

"don't. don't touch me there. It hurts" he furrowed his brows and said

"How the fuck I'm I supposed to carry you if I don't hold you there...u need to be strong and stop being a baby..." he tried one more time. I moaned louder saying.

"I Said Don't!!" he roped his hands in his hair in frustration and said clenching his teeth "Damn it!!".

He spoke in a soft tone this time.

" can you get up a little...I'm going to bend down and you'll climb on my back okay? don't be scared. I won't hold you too tight..." I looked at him and nodded. I did as he said and we headed to the hospital. He called his driver Royse. He put me gently in the back sit and got in. So almost everyone was pipping towards our direction (I said pipping because Adrian is a very vigilant, smart and sensitive person. He doesn't forget things. You can't know he knows until you step on his way. And his workers know him for that.).

 On our way, I looked up at him still in pain. he looked lost in thought, but I saw those same emotions I saw the last time he tried touching my cheeks... I couldn't think much. I was so much in pain.

After some time, we arrived at the...What the hell! we arrived in a very big Mansion....I said

"Don't tell me all this while I was thinking you'll bring me to a fucking hospital, you brought me to some Damn must be kidding me--" I couldn't finish my words when he held me and I cried in pain.

he turned. his back facing me said...

"Climb" I frowned and said.

"Why the hell will I do that! I need to go to a hospital and not some (I looked around) ...what's this place!?it's so big that (and something hit me) ---wait a minute. So, you came to finish what you started...Oh! now I see."

"Look Billie...I don't have time for this talk. For your own sake. Just climb" he showed his back one more time...

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