He's more than hell

❤Adrian Jaylene❤

couldn't control my patients anymore. She was pushing me to the wall so hard.

I closed my eyes and what happened in the office was replaying in my mind. I started thinking about that extraordinary power I performed there.

It happened so fast I couldn't see it clearly and the same emotions I feel when my dad calls my mom, the first day I saw her...all these were playing and I started feeling that spark in my veins very powerful this time and I opened my eyes...immediately I opened my eyes...she went unconcise.


didn't have time to think about it. I just carried her in a bridal style to my room. Actually, this house is our Family house. we don't go to hospitals. We have personal doctors depending on the issues.

Our lives are so private... I believe it's cause we're so popular. I hardly come to our family house.

I called our doctor to check on her. My mom and dad came after getting the news. My mom seemed furious while my dad seemed surprisingly calm. I didn't want to have any discussion with them now.

It was getting dark when she got up. All this while I was sitting there thinking about what happened hours ago and the project, I'll be having tomorrow.

I asked myself, will she be able to work in this state. I was so exhausted that I started having my whole life, I've never falling sick or had headache. But just this little thing is making me weak like a Jelly. They're so many strange things happening to me lately.

I thought of telling my dad but, a won't now. I'll wait to see how long this goes on. She seemed a little week. I touched her head to feel her temperature and I feel something just left me into her. I removed my hands instantly and she frowned.

❤Brooke (Blake) Jaylene❤

When I heard what happened... my wife and I went straight to meet them. Immediately I got in, I felt the presence of my late wife Sarah Jaylene. Adrian's' real mom. I realized how exhausted my Son was when he told us to live him alone for now. My wife and I looked at each other...she looked confused and furious while I was just calm.

we went to the living room and Harriet (my wife) spoke...

"Do you have any idea the consequences of what just happened. She's not supposed to be here. Our most trusted board members have never stepped a fit here. And here she is, in our Family house. This is hell dangerous... she's just human for God's sake!"

"Keep your voice low Harriet...I know exactly what is happening and I'll handle it as suppose. Just please don't do anything to scare the girl. You'll only make things worse.

"Why do I feel like you're hiding something from me... (I didn't look at her). Maybe you forgot what happened 100yrs (a human found out the mysteries in their kingdom and trapped them by falling in love with their Kind. Little did they know she was hypnotized. When vail was broken. the king came back to his senses and ordered for the woman to be killed. But they forgot he is bonded to her...and that, if anything happens to her it happens to him. So, they killed her and instantly, the king died. They left behind One Girl child. Who grow up as their Goddess but she was attacked and killed during her delivery and the person who saved her child was a Human called Rolene? But little did they know the child she had with a human was saved long ago and this child is Sarah Jaylene. Jaylene comes from Rolene. They succeeded after so many years to kill her dad. But this is what happens whenever a child is born with a human blood...They become more POWERFUL. That is, the powers Adrian is more than his great grandparents. That's why he's most powerful god. Which doesn't know!) ...don't you see that it's a trap, they'll come for her...for us!"

"Remember Adrian is not his great grandparents not even Sarah (she hates it when I call her Sarah's' but it's better she starts getting used to it. Because she's coming for her Son and I'll stand for her. I still love her anyways) ...the person you see in not the person you use to know. He's more than hell... you should understand that better" I said and left her standing there like a statue.

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