Ignored me

❣In the Billies' tent❣

She has been unable to sleep since..Adrian laid down beside her

"Adrian.." Billie called looking up and Adrian turned his head to the side facing her

"Yeah.." Adrian responded

"Are you back?" Billie asked and he slightly furrowed his brows

"What do you mean?" He asked and she faced him

"You called me baby bird..some moments ago" Billie said

"Yeah i did.." Adrian said

"So..why can't you remember me completely with that memory?" Billie asked

"Uhh..i don't know. The memories i have of you comes like a beautiful dream..or vision that isn't clear but i can get voices

Elsa tried helping recall for some time now but...when they try coming, it dissapears or vanishes" Adrian said and Billie slightly nodded looking into his eyes

Like i said previously..Adrian remembers so many things but, he wants to be sure of what he has been recalling lately

He feels those desires growing within him l

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