Making things right

❣On their way..❣

Nina keeps strategising a take the Goddie

So she controlled the stone with her give them a wrong direction and lead them to the field..where her groups will garther for the war

While she tries to get the Goddie

Billie kept looking at her from a distance..trying to understand why she keeps coming towards Adrian

Elsa followed Billies' gaze to the lady raised a brow..thinking it's all about Billie getting jealous

But the truth is, Billie suspects the lady has something planned

They arrived near a small village.. or town

The people there kept looking at them like..they were not of this world

Which was actually true..

They past them and went furthur into the town with their horses

The town people kept looking at them like uncivilised humans

The stopped for a moment looking around them

"This doesn't seem like the place we had to meet Mr Bruno" Jenifer said

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