All her plans failed

❣The next day❣

Yesterday night was a splending night..between the love birds

Billie woke up so early this morning in Adrians arm..with a sweet smile on her face

 When she looked up at him, she smiled the more as he was sound asleep like a baby

Hours has passed and they're preparing to start their journey

Billie and Adrian came out of their tent as everything was packed up

Billie moved towards her second mom (Sarah.J)

"Good morning mom.." Billie said

"Good morning sweetheart..

How was your night?" Sarah asked 

"Beautiful.." Billie responded with a wide smile 

"It's writing allover your face and..look" Sarah.J said admiring her daughther then looked away and Billie chuckled

"Soo..when are we expecting my second grandchild?" Sarah asked and Billie froze 

Sarah was expecting a responds but didn't she turned back her gaze to Billie and wispered..yet Adriand could

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