❣At midnight❣

The other groups realised something was wrong because..they kept dangling on thesame sport

They tried signalling Sarahs' group no avail

While on this side, Mila and Collins with their group came and met Sarahs group outside their tent

Before this group could come, they were actually sleeping when Adrian woke everyone give an annoucement

Only for see one of their groups coming to meet them in a place which isn't the Horizon

If y'all remember..they had to meet in the Horizon but here they are meeting somewhere unknown

"What the hell is going on here?" Sarah asked furrowing her brows

"We--we have no idea?" the head of Milas' group responded 

"This can't be possible! " Sarah said

"We've been diverted" Adrian said

"They're trying to hold us back..and this means war is on the way" Adrian said again and they all furrowed their brows

"Hand the Goddie over mom" Adria

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