❣Towards the Horizon❣

"l'll be fine..and I'll definitely come back for you and our baby.

I promise" Adrian said in a soft tone and she nodded

He kissed her forhead..and embrased her

Within that moment, the evil people attacked Sarahs' group and they faught back (Adrian, Billie, Lane and Sarah were away from the battle feild..since the other groups pushed forward their enemies.. So they couldn't get a whole of the Goddie)

"Mom..take care of her" Adrian said and his mom nodded

"I would..with my life" Sarah said and Adrian faintly smiled hesitating to let her go

"Go Son..she's safe with me" His mom said and he let go of her and gave her a peck on her lips before living

Possessed Lane was waiting for Adrian to go far away before he "join" the battle against their enemies

"Do not join the battle no matter what." Sarah told Billie 

"I've to go to the battle field..I can't be here while my people fight" Billie said<

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