❣In the Supernatural❣

Nina brought Billie to the Royal place..where the Kings throne is

Adrian was been delayed by some men..that were left over in case Adrian comes

When he had destroyed all of them, he turned around and saw Nina holding Billie tightly on her arm

"Surprised!?" Nina said provockingly and Adrian furrowed his brows

"Let her go" Adrian said

"Don't you think it's too late for that.." Nina said and Billie just kept looking at him

"She can't harm me.. Just do it Adrian" Billie said and Nina laughed

"You're weak now..

Your powers have been now, you're litterally not different from a human

Do you have any idea what that means?" Nina said

"Adrian..don't listen to her. Do it!" Billie said and Nina made Billies' skin turn she had a deathly disease (e.g Cancer)

"Enough!" Adrian said and dropped the Goddie down

"Now you can let her go" Adrian said and Nina sm

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