3. Agreeing To Meet Him


I knew what was waiting for me at home. I had the least interest to walk into the house and listen to my mother's reprimand and her usual sentimental talk. Unfortunately, I had no choice.

As I had predicted, mom greeted me with a cold look. I tried to avoid an argument but my mom wasn't going to let the matter go just like that. Typical.

"Why didn't you receive my calls?" She asked in a grim voice. I winced slightly, I had turned on the silent mode not wanting to be bothered by anyone.  "I had work," I replied curtly and made my way to my room.

I entered my room and shut the door with a bang. I felt annoyed about these matters. Why couldn't mom let me live in peace? Well if that happens then pigs might fly in the air as well. 

At night after dinner, my father came to my room. I was working on the laptop. He came and sat on the edge of the bed. The reason was clear. 

"So, even you are supporting mom?" I asked bluntly, unable to keep the edge off my voice. I didn't need to take my eyes off the screen to know that he felt a bit guilty.

He was a bit hesitant before he said, " Your mom wants your happiness we both have selected a boy for you",  for a moment my fingers stopped working and I stared blankly at the glowing screen. The reason my mom was insistent on getting me married was that she was afraid that in their absence no one would be there to look after me. I was tired of making them understand that getting a husband was not a solution.  

"What?" my voice sounded almost inaudible but loud enough for my dad to hear. I turned to look at him. He seemed to avoid looking at me. I sighed. I didn't know what to do. Dad has been my idol from my very childhood. He has stood beside me through my hardest of times. But today he too seemed helpless.

"His name is Sumit Kapoor..uh...he is a good guy. We have spoken to him and his grandmother through Skype. is the picture of him that his grandmother had sent your mother's friend",  he handed me a photograph.

Old fashioned, why couldn't they just email it?

I carelessly looked at his picture. Well if I was not so irritated or uninterested in marriage I would have found him very handsome. I kept it aside.

My father continued to give me information about that guy, "He is a businessman, settled in London. However, they're from Delhi. They have seen your picture. They are interested so he and his grandmother are coming to Dehra to meet you in person". I didn't answer.

Silence prevailed in the room for some time.

I finally decided to break the silence, "Okay. I will meet him. But I will tell him about my past. If he accepts me with my past then fine...if not..."  In truth, despite me saying these things. The mere thought of meeting a guy made me anxious. 

"No worries dear...just meet him for now", he sounded relieved and looked at me with gratitude. I turned away and feigned to concentrate on the laptop. He sighed and left, leaving me to brood and mull over my thoughts.


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