4. Dumbstruck


The following Sunday was arranged for meeting Sumit's family, namely him and his grandmother.

"What a tedious work", I muttered to myself as I picked up the Rajasthani pink salwar suit I had chosen though mom thought it was too 'simple'. But to me, it looks gorgeous. Anyway, I was least interested in flaunting what my mom called 'feminine beauty'.

Touching up with minimal makeup, I looked at my reflection in the mirror.  I looked presentable.  I released a shaky breath.

Yeah, I was nervous. C'mon any girl would get nervous in this situation.

I was told not to come out of my room unless asked to. I loathed myself for agreeing to see that man. Heck, I did not even know what to say to them. But I had nothing to do now but to oblige. I already felt caged so having nothing better to do at the moment, I chose to text my friend Rashmi.

Me- Hey Rashu, you free?

Soon her reply came. Always free for you babe.

I chuckled. We were besties since high school and though she was a year younger than me. However, that didn't matter to us and apart from my parents, she knew all my secrets.

But I hadn't informed her about meeting this Sumit Kapoor.

Rashu I'm in a fix. A guy is coming to see me!


mean 'rishta'

wala meeting

After a few seconds, my cellphone started ringing. It was Rashmi. I groaned, "Oh God now she will try to kill me metamorphically for not telling her". It had been an unspoken rule between us, we shared every secret with each other. While this wasn't exactly a secret but this was a big thing. 

I rolled my eyes and swiped on the answer option and as I had expected the moment I answered instead of saying 'hello' she said,  "What the hell!? How could you keep this news from me? Why didn't you tell me you"

"Hey..hey...I'm not tying the knot just now...I just agreed to meet him and I was just too busy....". I trailed off warily.

"Okay. But I am still angry", she huffed and I could clearly imagine her pouting.  "But tell me all about him? How does he look? Handsome? Un-handsome?" She quizzed excitedly. Typical


I rolled my eyes yet again, "Rashu there's no word like 'un-handsome'".

"Yeah, but you got what I mean", she harrumphed.

But before I could answer I heard the doorbell ring and so I just said, "Hey..will call you later. Looks like they've arrived".

"But-" came her defiant voice from the other end before I ended the call. I will never live this down, I thought sullenly. 

My heart started thumping.

Calm down, calm down. You just have to meet him. You don't have to get married.

The more I tried to relax the more I panicked.

I started pacing in my room. I prepared what to say and how to say. I just wanted to get over with this. After what seemed to me like an eternity my mom finally called me. I went outside and when I saw him, for a moment I was dumbstruck.

Woah! In a grey suit and a royal blue coloured tie, he seemed to me like those sexy and handsome models in fashion magazines. Was he a model? he definitely looked like one. I quickly gave him a subtle once-over. 

Damn! he was so sexy looking. Why didn't I pay attention to the photograph? I asked myself. You are not interested, remember? my brain sneered.

Jet black hair, sharp features and those eyes...those brown orbs which were fixed on me. Stop ogling him AruI chastised my crazy mind.

But soon my eyes fell on the elderly woman sitting beside him and she too was looking at me or rather scrutinizing me. I quickly gazed down concentrating on the rug with sudden interest.

My dad asked me to sit. I was thankful to him because I was internally shaking and almost thought my legs would give away. I somehow managed to take the seat.

"Hello", his voice snapped me out. His voice was deep and tone polite. I managed to give a smile. Now? What am I expected to do now? I was panicking once again. 

I don't think I can marry him. A business tycoon who happens to be hot and sexy. I just can't ruin his life because I still can't bear a man's touch. I can't give him what he might expect from a wife.

I so hate that man who ruined my life but I can't put my baggage on his shoulders. I need to tell him about my....past, otherwise, I will be doing injustice to him. I felt like going back in time and bashing his head for destroying my life. My mind raced, I had to do something. What could I do? Should I just go with the flow? Then refuse? But what will reason will I give?  Or I could just do something by which they'll refuse me and I wouldn't have to tell him about my past. 

Now there's a thought. 



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