5. Unexpected


My mind raced and an idea popped up. I smiled mentally. 

Ma brought tea and snacks for all which took me by surprise because generally, it was the girl who is expected to serve tea and snacks. Anyway, they seemed to not mind or even if they did, they did not show it. My mother will definitely tell me about this once they leave. I couldn't care less. 

Then the question-answer session started. Yep, one feels like giving an interview, the only difference being you don't get a job here but get a husband. I expected Sumit's grandma to bombard me with questions. Well, I was wrong.

Mrs.Kapoor, Senior asked only two. I called her that, initially.

But can you believe it? only two!

"What do you do?" Mrs.Kapoor Sr. asked.

"I have done masters in English. Now I'm teaching in a primary school as well as preparing for civil service and also applying for PhD abroad", I replied, smiling sweetly. She nodded. I peered at Sumit who did not even look at me. But I did sense his eyes on me or maybe it was my imagination.

Next, she asked, "Would you like to work after marriage?"

There! This was the question I was waiting for. You may ask, why? Well, grandmas usually want such a girl for their grandson who will be a homemaker for the rest of their married life, so it was highly likely that my answer would make her refuse me. Immediately. Without a second thought. 

I answered, "Of course! Why not? I mean I've studied so much to built a career for myself not to sit at home". My mom, who was standing beside me was most probably glowering at me. I could almost feel her burning gaze drilling holes in my skull. But what I said was equally true. I did not study all my life just to cook in the kitchen for the rest of my life.

Now Mrs.Kapoor Sr. will definitely reject me, I cackled mentally, and I won't even need to say anything about my past. I high-fived myself.

But when she spoke I was shocked to the core. "Very good beta (child). I wanted a granddaughter-in-law who would not be deluded by my grandson's wealth but make her own fortune", she said with a genuine smile. I was left speechless because I never expected this.

This lady liked what I said?! Seriously? I mean I thought she would be a woman with 19th-century mindset but I guess I will not get the easy way out.

My mother chimed in, "Yes, you're right. She is an independent girl." I mentally groaned.

I fixed my gaze on my lap, my hands clasped together. Oh my God. Oh my God. I'm in a fix. 

"Well Sumit, do you have anything to ask her?", she asked him. He shook his head. Good thing because I wasn't in a mood to answer any more questions.

I gave them a forced smile.

After some more chit-chat, they took their leave. Before leaving Sumit asked for my number which I begrudgingly gave.


I kept thinking about today's events. The buzzing sound from my phone jolted me out of my thoughts.

It was Rashmi. Yes, I needed my bestie now.

"Hey", I greeted tiredly.

"Aru why do I feel that the meeting didn't go well", she said curiously. You see, why she's my best friend. She is like my sister. She can detect that something is wrong just by the tone of my voice. 

"Yes, you're right. I just regret my decision now", I muttered.

"But why?" She quizzed.

"I think they like me",  I said in a small voice.

I heard her squeal. "Aru! My darlo that's wonderful. Its high time that you get married".

"Oh, shut up", I grumbled. 

She sounded a bit confused, "But why?"

Then she said somberly, "Aru, why are you so reluctant? Just go with the flow. Don't be so hard on yourself".

I sighed, "It's not that easy". She scoffed, "Nonsense. Just give it a try and by the way Miss you didn't show me his pic till now".

I rolled my eyes. And turned to my side.

"Okay. I'll send it to you". With that, I ended the call.

I took out Sumit photograph which dad had given, out of my bedside drawer, clicked a photo in my phone then sent it to her via WhatsApp.

Suddenly, mom came into the room, with a beaming smile. I knew what she was going to say. I braced myself. "They've said yes", she gushed She hugged me, her cheeks damp with 'happy' tears. I awkwardly hugged her back.


I lay awake. I had to do something to stop this marriage. This was wrong. He was very well established and for me...I couldn't be his bride.

Rashu was totally stumped when she saw the pic. I chuckled thinking about those emojis that she sent. Rohit, his husband and my other best friend was still unaware of this fact. I told her not to tell him. He was like my overprotective brother. So until everything was settled I didn't want yo worry him. 

I did not when I had fallen asleep. I was awoken when my phone beeped. 

"Who would like to ping me at this hour?" I thought. It was midnight. I frowned and blearily glanced at the screen.

My eyes widened at the sight of the name on the mobile screen.

It was Sumit.

I came out of my trance once the blaring screen went black. I turned it on again and opened the text. 
It read, "Can we meet?- Sumit"

I could only gape at the screen.


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